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Asian Medical Students’ Association

Asian Medial Students’ Association of India

AMSA India is a full member of Asian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA) International, which is the peak representative organization for medical students from across the Asia-Pacific and beyond. A major aim of AMSA International is to provide enrichment for future doctors from our current<span \"data-stled-color:#e85906;\"> </span><span \"data-stled-color:#E85906;\"><strong>27</strong> <strong>members’</strong></span> national/regional chapters from Asia and around the world. AMSA and its multinational activities serve as platforms for students to share knowledge, undertake activities that benefit local and international communities and create and maintain transnational friendships, thus aiming to further our vision of <span \"data-stled-color:#E85906;\"><strong>“Knowledge, Action and Friendship”.</strong></span>
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  • <b>Why join AMSA?</b>
  • <b>International Opportunities</b>
  • <b>National Opportunities</b>
  • <b>Opportunities with our collaborations</b>
  • <b>AMSA Committee Members</b>
With our vision to cultivate Knowledge, Action and Friendship, we have formed a network of future physicians who strive to –
  • Share Knowledge
  • Undertake activities and social services.
  • Avail research opportunities
  • Create bonds beyond borders. And have tones of fun along the way!
The proof of our work and success lies in AMSA India being awarded the IHP 2019 Award for the Best Medical Student Organization.

We will provide you a platform to enhance your med school experience –by creating opportunities at Local, National and International Levels.
  •     Participation in 2 International Conferences – 
        1)EAMSC (East Asian Medical Students Conference) – Every January 
        2)AMSC (Asian Medical Students Conference) – Every June/July 
  •  Our Exchange Program – AMSEP (Asian Medical Students Exchange Program) – For preclinical and clinical exchanges between AMSA-International chapters.  
(Upcoming Exchanges in 2020 – AMSA Taiwan & AMSA Indonesia) 
  •  Online International Events – Article writing for European Medical Students’ journal, AMSA eNewsletter 
  •  MEDINEXUS – Biggest National Quiz 
  • Community Outreach Projects – CRY Health Camps 
  • One Million Project – our joint venture with IDF (Indian Development Foundation) on menstrual health 
  • Health Camps and Awareness Talks 
  • Public Health Stewardship Program and working on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 
  • SNTs(Saturday Night Trivia) – Weekly Trivia on Whatsapp forums for brushen your knowledge 
  • Revista Medicos – Quarterly Newsletter of AMSA India 
•    AMBOSS Subscriptions 
•    Kaplan Study Packages at a discounted price 
•    AceMD (American Clinical Experience MD) for discounts in rotations.
Priyansh Nathani
Regional Chairperson

Rohini Dutta
Immediate Past Regional Chairperson

Avi Singh
Vice overall Chairperson Internal

Khushman Kaur Bhullar
Vice overall Chairperson External

Rounak Verma
General Secretary

Parth Doshi
Finance Secretary

Preeyati Chopra
AMSEP Director

Saundarya Monga
Director of Public Health

Luv Gupta
Director of Memberships & Development

Chitwan Ghuman
Director of Academics

Japmehr Kaur
Secretary of Promotions & Publications

Asmitha Reddy
Secretary of Newsletter

Anushree Rai
Editor of Newsletter

Ganeev Singh
Secretary of Partnerships GOs

Gul Kalra
Secretary of Partnerships NGOs

Malika Gupta
Secretary of Marketing & Sponsorships

Samarvir Jain
Director of IT
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