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We take immense pleasure & welcome you all to our 5th Anschon 2022. Our team would like to sincerely Thanks all of you for your support without which this journey wouldnot have been possible. We continue our journey of ANSHCON which was started in 2017 & Hands on Training since 2020. This year we will organise a physical conference. This conference will be held from 7th to 9th of January 2022 at Hyatt Regency Ashram Road, Ahmedabad on 7th & 8th there will be Live Demonstration of Newer Endoscopy Techniquesin the field of Gastroenterolog and on 9th there will be for Hands on Training for Gasteoenterologists. The live procedures will be performed & live telecasted from Artham HOspital to Conference Venue. This Conference will benefit Practicing Gastroenterologist, Physician and Surgeons with Interest in Field of Gastroenterology & most of all to the Post Graduates & new & Budding Gastroenterologist. More than 5 International & 15 National eminent faculty will be there for surgery and lectures. We welcome you to this 3 days mega conference.
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