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Asclepius 2019

J.S.S Medical College, Mysore

<strong>Greetings from Asclepius!!</strong> <strong>Asclepius </strong>is the national UG conference organised by <strong>JSS Medical College</strong>. The mammoth charge is taken up by the Student Research Cell, Medical Education Unit, and SPQR quiz society in collaboration with the <strong>Asian Medical Students Association - India</strong>. The first edition in 2018 was a major success and 2019 is coming back with many improvements and additions.The conference aims to provide a unique platform for future doctors to network, collaborate and learn while instilling professionalism and good ethics. Case and poster presentation are interesting and stimulating ways of communicating relevant ideas and knowledge. Quizzes force abstract thinking and help inter-relating various principle and concepts. Workshops allow students to toy around with important skills early on and hence excel later in their career by offering hands on experience in a variery of scenarios and activities.  All in all, conferences are crucial for holistic development of a medical professional and Asclepius is prepared to offer that.<div \"data-stled-text-align: center;\"><strong>To become AMSA Member please click here: <a href=\"\"></a></strong></div>
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JSS Medical College is a constituent college of JSS AHER and has been delivering quality medical professionals for over 3 decades. Based in Mysuru, Karnataka, it is respected for its high standards of teaching, training, and professionalism. With highly qualified and well-trained faculty, students are offered education at par with international standards. Students and faculty members engage in research projects, publications and presentations with many proposals being accepted by ICMR every year. For the holistic development of a student, the college offers many sports facilities, clubs and encourages participation in co-curricular activities.

The Asian medical student's association (AMSA) International is a peak representative organisation for medical students across Asia, the Asia-Pacific and beyond. Founded in 1985 in Philippines, AMSA is spanning the globe with its various activities and an active student exchange programme. AMSA India represents the interests of medical students in all the spheres of our society and hence provides an excellent means for their empowerment. With a membership of over 1000, it spans over various medical colleges across the country thus building an active student network. AMSA offers its members participation opportunities in various International conferences and student exchanges. These opportunities are an amalgam of academic outreach, sight-seeing and insight into the culture of the host country. In addition to the international outreach, AMSA India also has an ongoing community outreach project to get the medical students in touch with the community and bridge
the gaps of healthcare between the slum dwellers and its providers. Apart from these, based on monthly and quarterly health related themes, activities are conducted in each AMSA affiliated college like blood donation camps, immunization awareness and online quizzes and competitions. AMSA is also affiliated with various conferences.
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Day 1: 23rd August 2019

8:00 A.M - 9:00 A.M - Registrations
9:00 A.M- 10:00 A.M - Inaugration
10:00 A.M - 11:00 A.M - Pre-/Para- Clinical Quiz Prelims, Clinical Quiz Prelims

11:00 A.M - 1:00 P.M - Research Paper Presentation Excalibur, Clinical Photoassay Medicolenses, Guest Lecture -1
1:00 P.M - 2:00 P.M - Lunch Break
2 P.M Onwards - Minor Workshops

Day 2: 24th August 2019
8:00 A.M - 9:00 A.M - Registrations
9:00 A.M - 10:00 A.M - Major Workshops
10:00 A.M - 11:00 A.M - Major Workshops
11:00 A.M - 12:00 P.M  - Major Workshops, Medical Debate
12:00 P.M - 1:00 P.M - Major Workshops, Medical Debate
1:00 P.M - 2:00 P.M - Lunch Break
2:00 P.M - 4:00 P.M - Panel Discussion
4:00 P.M - 5:00 P.M - Medical Dumb Charades
5:00 P.M - 6:00 P.M - Medical Pictionary

Day 3: 25th August 2019
8:00 A.M - 9:00 A.M - Registrations
9:00 A.M - 10:00 A.M - Poster Presentation Medical Billboard, Clinical Case Corona
10:00 A.M - 11:00 A.M - Poster Presentation Medical Billboard, Clinical Case Corona, Pre and Para Clinical & Clinical Finals
11:00 A.M - 12:00 P.M - Pre and Para Clinical & Clinical Finals
12:00 P.M - 1:00 P.M - Guest Lecture 2
1:00 P.M - 2:00 P.M - Lunch Break
2 P.M Onwards - Valedictory Ceremony

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Major Workshops
1. Emergency Medicine & Critical Care 
2. Diagnostic Skills
Minor Workshops
1. Basic Suturing Skills
2. Research Methodology
3. Rational Use of Antibiotics
4. Orthopaedics
5. Crime Scene Investigation

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