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Kasturba Medical College, Manipal

<strong>ASTERION</strong> is an academic fest hosted by Kasturba Medical College, Manipal now in its third year of being. Conducted by Tempus Pretioso, Cutting Edge, and Justitia (Student clubs of Emergency medicine, Surgery, and Forensic medicine respectively), <strong>ASTERION</strong> is one of its kind academic fest, open to undergraduate students across the country, dedicated to Quizzing, Skills, and Simulation. After 2 years of successful offline conduct with contented and happy participants, we plan to take <strong>ASTERION</strong> online this year! This year's line up includes the following events: a. The Whiz Craft ( Quiz for emergency medicine, surgery, and forensic medicine ) b. Treasure hunt c. Enigma (Escape room) d. Decryptathon (Virtual Emergency room) e. The iCOP project (Play the role of an investigator) f. Do or Die-gnose (Medical battle) g. Eat Sleep Decode Repeat (Forensic medicine puzzles) h. MEDx (Medical TEDx) i. Metamorphosis (Creative content contest)   All events are individual events except: "The ICOP Project", "Eat Sleep Decode Repeat" and "Do or Diagnose", which will be conducted in teams of two.     All the events will be conducted online  
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13th August 2020: Decryptathon (5-7 pm)

14th August 2020: Treasure Hunt (5-7 pm)

15th August 2020: The ICOP project (11-1 pm)

15th August 2020: Do or Die-gnose (2-4 pm)

15th August 2020: MedX (6 pm)

16th August 2020: The Whiz Craft (11-1 pm)

16th August 2020: EAT, SLEEP, DECODE, Repeat. (2-4 pm)

16th August 2020: Enigma (5-7)
The Whiz Craft
Anagha: 9113665040
Darshak: 6363227426

Akshata: 9380225393
Saara: 8700768115

Treasure Hunt
Sai Sreeram: 9676164959
Sreya: 8281123790

Kunal Agarwal: 84599919999
Shubham Goyal: 9717248983

Harsh Sharma: 8294215312
Kanika R: 9999973720

Rhea: 8369171448

ICOP Project
Saher Kalra: 9870512697
Ishani Singh: 9818774476

Do or Die-gnose
Sharvari Joshi: 9011520832
Arundhati: 9632655006

Robin Cherian: 7356414616
Hritik Jain: 9643256670

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Instagram - @asterion\_2020
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