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CME Program on “Cancer Rehabilitation”

Physiotherapy Department ,Tata Memorial Hospital

<div \"data-stled-text-align: justify;\"><strong>Dear Friends, We welcome you all to the online/ virtual program on “Cancer Rehabilitation” organized by the Department of Physiotherapy, Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, on 26th September & 3rd October 2021. For over half a century, Tata Memorial Centre has been at the forefront of its fight against cancer. It remains a unique institution, where patients afflicted by this disease get multidisciplinary expert care and comfort under one roof. The Physiotherapy Department, with its dedicated and qualified staff continues in its efforts to educate, instruct and restore cancer patients to the highest level of functioning. Treatment of cancer causes much distress, disability and disruption, which affects the quality of life. Although rehabilitation in oncology is an established discipline in the developed world, it is an emerging field in India. We believe this online CME program will highlight and refresh your understanding of cancer rehabilitation and will serve as a platform for generating constructive ideas to help cancer patients and their caregivers through their illnesses. We look forward to your extensive participation. This online CME program is open to oncologists, therapists, students and nurses.</strong></div>
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  • <b>Academic Program</b>
  • <b>Scientific Program 26th Sept</b>
  • <b>Scientific Program 3rd Oct</b>
•    Introduction to Oncology
•    Comprehensive surgical management of Breast cancer
•    Rehabilitation in Breast cancer
•    Thoracic surgeries in cancer
•    Respiratory care in Oncology
•    Surgical management in Head and Neck cancer
•    Rehabilitation in Head and Neck cancer
•    Bone and Soft tissue tumors
•    Rehabilitation in Orthopedic Oncology
•    Rehabilitation after Chemotherapy, Radiation and Palliative Care
•    Survivorship issues
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