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Masterclass – Diabetes Mellitus (DM – Masterclass)


<div \"data-stled-text-align: justify;\"><strong>DM – Masterclass</strong></div><ul><li \"data-stled-text-align: justify;\">Enable increasing mastery in Diabetes Management with each level of advancement</li><li \"data-stled-text-align: justify;\">Manage Diabetes complications to provide better primary care for Diabetic patients</li><li \"data-stled-text-align: justify;\">Expanded knowledge for managing diabetic patients from special populations</li><li \"data-stled-text-align: justify;\">Enhance practical skills in Diabetes handling through clinical attachments from specialized hospitals</li></ul>
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Medvarsity Online Ltd. is India's first and largest online medical certification and training company. Medvarsity Online has over 35000 certified graduates. Medvarsity offers a wide range of clinical and non-clinical courses that will upgrade clinical, management & leadership skills of a healthcare professional. The clinical courses are exclusively designed by doctors, for doctors. The non-clinical courses are designed by the industry experts from the leading universities like AMITY and Cornell University. Our courses consist of more than 20000 hours of content with over 8000 active learners and course accreditation by leading global partners like University of New South Wales & Royal Liverpool Academy among others. We have over 40 clinical training partners across the country & outside. Medvarsity is working at impacting the healthcare ecosystem in a substantial way.
Key Features
  • Expand your knowledge of Diabetes Mellitus
  • 12 months duration (15 + 20 + 25 Hours of e-Learning)
  • Apply DM knowledge in your professional work
  • Get enabled to work with Diabetes specialists

Course Description

The Diabetes Mellitus Masterclass is a sequence of graded courses ( Certificate, Diploma & Fellowship) that add up to provide a deep understanding of Diabetes management.

Certificate in Diabetes Mellitus (Level 1) course will enable healthcare professionals to quickly update themselves with fundamental knowledge on Diabetes in a self-learning mode. The course will provide basic knowledge in quick time (3 months) through online modules and assessments. Healthcare professionals can apply this knowledge in the care of diabetic patients in their respective area of work and provide diabetes education to patients. For MBBS doctors, this level is the qualifying level to proceed to level 2 of the course.

Diploma in Diabetes Mellitus (Level 2) course is designed to update the General practitioner with the essential knowledge needed for practical management of Diabetes. Here our expert faculty will train the student on the current trends and impart practical guidance on providing quality care for patients with diabetes. This is done through Live Virtual Classes (webinars) in addition to online learning. The student can attend these sessions from home or work place. The faculty will discuss real life cases and current guidelines and the students have the opportunity to clarify their doubts with the faculty.

Fellowship in Diabetes Mellitus (Level 3) course is a more exhaustive and will deliver advanced knowledge, including management of complications and special populations through online learning, Live Virtual Classes and practical training through clinical postings. A Diabetes specialists at accredited hospitals and clinics will deliver the practical training. Students have the opportunity to see and learn from real life cases.

Course Path
All eligible candidates will start with Level 1 and gain a Certificate in Diabetes Mellitus on successful completion.

Doctors with MBBS degree can progress from Level 1 through Level 2 (Diploma in Diabetes Mellitus) and then to Level 3 (Fellowship in Diabetes Mellitus).
Certificate in Diabetes Mellitus (LEVEL 1)
Foundation of diabetes mellitus and overview of management

Diploma in Diabetes Mellitus (LEVEL 2)
Clinical knowledge for practical management of Diabetes mellitus

Fellowship in Diabetes Mellitus (LEVEL 3)
Advanced knowledge of managing diabetes, complications and special populations (paediatric, elderly and pregnancy) + Practical training through 4 weeks clinical attachment
Only MBBS Doctors.

Course Validity: 1 year (regular duration) + 1 year (extension period).

Course Add-on: Apollo Munich Health Insurance with Group Accidental Coverage worth INR 100,000 & Medical Coverage worth INR 50,000. Buy at INR 5000 with this course.

Instalment Options (Available only for Indian students)
Instalment ModelMonth 1Month 2
Model 1*1,05,000-
Model 2*63,00042,000
*The 30-day period for each instalment model will be counted from the date of the first payment made by the student. All the above-mentioned prices are exclusive of GST.


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