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Empowering Fetal Medicine Consultant

Society of Fetal Medicine & Gujarat Chapter of SFM

<div \"data-stled-text-align: center;\"><strong>Greetings!!</strong> <strong>Fetal medicine</strong> is one of the fastest expanding branch of medicine. To meet the challenges of expanding knowledge and for updating to latest,we have organised 3 days of scientific deliberation on<strong> 6th,7th and 8th Dec 2019 at Ahmedabad.</strong> <strong>The theme of our conference is “empowering fetal medicine consultant” </strong> To break the mental barrier , we have planned targeted one day real “hands on simulator workshop on fetal intervention” on 6th December 2019. On following 2 days (7th and 8th December) we have planned to provide complete solution for fetal GIT , GUT system , fetal thorax and fetal intervention and recent advances in the field of maternal fetal medicine. We have chosen learned international and national faculty along with our own local experts at our doorstep. We know and hope this will be unique and lifelong opportunity and experience for every one at 1st week end of coming December. <strong>For downloading brochure please click <a href=\"\">Here</a></strong> <strong>NOTE:</strong> <span \"data-stled-color:#FFFF00;\"><strong>You will be able to select the accommodation packages once you register via clicking register now tab</strong></span> <strong><span \"data-stled-color:#ADD8E6;\">The accommodation is available in Hyatt, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad</span></strong></div>
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  • <b>Conference & workshop details</b>
  • <b>Schedule: 6th December 2019</b>
  • <b>Schedule: 7th December 2019</b>
  • <b>Schedule: 8th December 2019</b>
  • <b>Organizing Team</b>
NOTE: You will be able to select the accommodation packages once you register via clicking register now tab
The accommodation is available in Hyatt, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad

For downloading brochure please click Here

• Fetal Interventions hands on
• Fetal Gastrointestinal & Genitourinary systems
• Current Concepts in Fetal Thoracic Lesions
• Recent Advances in Fetal Infections
• Step by Step Learning from Sonoembryology, Laboratory Work up to Multidisciplinary Management

Spot registeration available at venue with cash only 
Workshop Registration: Rs 10,000
Conference Registration : Rs 8,500

08:00 to 09:00: Registration and Breakfast
Session 1:- Keynote Address (9:00-11:00)
09:00 to 09:10: Introduction to Workshop- Dr. Girish Patel
09:10 to 09:40: Genetic Counseling, Prenatal Screening and Diagnosis- Dr. TLN Praveen
09:40 to 10:10: Indications and Counseling for Invasive Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques- Dr. Bimal Sahani
10:10 to 10:40: Principles of Invasive Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques- Dr. Raju Sahitya
10:40 to 11:00: Discussion
11:00 to 11:30: Tea/Coffee / Train the Trainers Session
Session 2:- Hands on Training (11:30-13:00)
11:30 to 13:00: Hands on Training for Trainees (10 Groups with 10 Delegates Each): Dr. Raju R Sahetya, Dr. TLN Praveen, Dr. Bimal Sahani, Dr. Adinarayana Makam, Dr. Sunil Mehta, Dr, B. I. Patel, Dr. Janak Desai, Dr. Girish Patel, Dr. Mayank Chowdhary, Dr. Vaishakhi Vayla, Dr. Amee Shah, Dr. Aditi Bansal, Dr. Firoz Bhuvar, Dr. Swati Thakkar
13:00 to 14:00: Lunch
Session 3:- Keynote Address (14:00 to 15:30)
14:00 to 14:15: Amniocentesis: Video Demonstration: Dr. B. I. Patel
14:15 to 14:30: Chorionic Villus Sampling: Video Demonstration: Dr. Raju R Sahetya
14:30 to 14:45: Cordocentesis: Video Demonstration: Dr. Aditi Bansal
14:45 to 15:00: Multifetal Reduction: Dr. Janak Desai
15:00 to 15:15: Intra-uterine Transfusion: Dr. Mayank Chowdhary
15:00 to 15:15: Discussion
15:30 to 16:00: Tea/Coffee / Review the Trainers Session
Session 4:- 16:00 to 18:00
16:00 to 18:00: Hands on Training for Trainees (10 Groups with 10 Delegates Each)
18:00 to 18:30: Meet the Experts
08:00 to 08:50: Registration and Breakfast
08:50 to 09:00: Welcome and Prayer
Session 1: Gastrointestinal Tract (GIT) 1: 09:00 to 11:15
09:00 to 09:15: Embryological clues for GIT Malformations- Dr. Adinarayana Makam
09:15 to 09:30: Normal GIT scan- Dr. Girish Patel
09:30 to 09:55: Fetal Echogenic Bowel: Diagnosis, Work up & Counselling- Dr. S. Suresh
09:55 to 10:15: Upper GI obstruction- Dr. Bimal Sahani
10:15 to 10:45: Intra abdominal cyst :solving a puzzle- Dr. B S Ramamurthy
10:45 to 11:05: Fetal ascites- Dr. S. Suresh
11:05 to 11:15: Delegates Interaction
11:15 to 11:35: Tea/Coffee
11:20 to 11:30: Inauguration: Address by President, SFM
Session 2: Gastrointestinal Tract (GIT) 2: 11:45 to 13:05
11:45 to 12:15: Role of color Doppler in GIT malformation- Dr. B S Ramamurthy
12:15 to 12:35: Lower GI obstruction- Dr. Mayank Chowdhary
12:35 to 12:55: Ventral wall defects: Diagnosis, Managment- Dr. Ashok Khurana
12:55 to 13:05: Delegates Interaction
Session 3: Panel Discussion: 13:05 to 13:45
Topic: GIT anomaly what next ? - Moderator: Dr. Bijoy Balakrishnan
Panelists: Dr. B S Ramamurthy, Dr. S. Suresh, Dr. Kartik Morjariya, Dr. Aditi Bansal, Dr. Amee Shah, Dr. Ripal Gevariya
13:45 to 14:45: Lunch
Session 4: Genitourinary Tract (GUT): 14:45 to 17:15
14:35 to 14:50 GUT: Embryological Cascade of Events- Dr. Bimal Sahani
14:50 to 15:05: Normal GUT Scan- Dr. Dhaval Gorasiya
15:05 to 15:25: Fetal Echogenic Kidneys- Dr. Vaishakhi Vayla
15:25 to 15:40: Interesting case session- Dr. Adinarayana Makam
15:40 to 16:00: Upper Urinary Tract Obstruction- Dr. Janak Desai
16:00 to 16:10: Megacystis- Dr. Nisha Patel
16:10 to 16:15: Empty Renal Fossa- Dr. Amee Shah
16:15 to 16:55 LUTO: Diagnosis and Management: Dr. Luc De Catte
16:55 to 17:05: Fetal Adrenal: Dr. Jayesh Patel
17:05 to 17:15 Delegate Interaction
17:15 to 17:30 Tea/Coffee
Session 5: Genitourinary Tract (GUT) : 17:30 to 18:55
17:30 to 17:55: Cystic Renal Disease: Dr. Bijoy Balakrishnan
17:55 to 18:20: Ambiguous Genitalia Simplified: Dr. B S Ramamurthy
18:20 to 18:40: Urorectal Septal Malformation: Dr. Bijoy Balakrishnan
18:40 to 18:55: Delegate Interaction
Session 6: Panel Discussion: 18:55 to 19:40
Topic: Management of fetal GUT Pathology
Moderator: Dr. S. Suresh
Panelists: Dr. Bijoy Balakrishnan, Dr. Vaishakhi Vayla, Dr. Manisha Suthar, Dr. Kuntal Jadeja, Dr. Manthan Patel, Dr. Vipali Trivedi, Dr. Dhaval Gorasiya
19:40 Onwards: SFM - MCM
7:30 to 9:00: Registration and Breakfast
Session 7: Fetal Thorax 1: 9:00 to 11:15
09:00 to 09:15: Normal Fetal Thorax and Biometry- Dr. Swati Thakkar
09:15 to 09:35: CHAOS- Dr. Firoz Bhuvar
09:35 to 10:00: Pleural effusion investigation and managment- Dr. Ashok Khurana
10:00 to 10:25: Echogenic Lung Lesions- Dr. B.I. Patel
10:25 to 11:00: Congenital diaphragmatic hernia: A standardised ultrasound
prenatal assessment- Dr. Luc De Catte
11:00 to 11:15: Delegate Interaction
11:15 to 11:30: Tea/Coffee
Session 8: Fetal Thorax 2: 11:30 to 12:45
11:30 to 11:45: Interesting case session- Dr. Vijay Darji
Session 9: Panel Discussion: 11:45 to 12:45
11:45 to 12:45: Panel Discussion on Approach to fetal thoracic lesions
Moderator:Dr. Ashok Khurana
Panelists: Dr. Luc De Catte, Dr. Vivek Kashyap, Dr. Deval Shah, Dr. Dhaval Patel, Dr. Riddhi Mehta, Dr. Sunil Mehta
12:45 to 13:30: Lunch
Session 10: Thorax: 13:30 to 15:25
13:30 to 13:45:Interesting case session- Dr. Devang Patel 
13:45 to 14:10 Intrauterine infections: Ultrasound, avidity and beyond- Dr. Luc De Catte 
14:10 to 14:35:  Fetal manifestation of fetal infection - Dr. Vivek Kashyap
14:35 to 15:00- Fetal infection management - Dr. Luc De Catte
15:00 to 15:25: Delegates Interaction
15:25 to 16:40: Valedictory Function
16:40 Onwards Tea/Coffee
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Dr. TLN Praveen,

President Elect
Dr. Bimal Sahani,

Vice President
Dr. Mohit Shah,

Dr. Vivek Kashyap,

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Jt. Secretary
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Vice President
Dr. Girish Patel,

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