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Empowering Fetal Medicine Consultant

Society of Fetal Medicine & Gujarat Chapter of SFM

<div \"data-stled-text-align: center;\"><strong>Greetings!!</strong> <strong>Fetal medicine</strong> is one of the fastest expanding branch of medicine. To meet the challenges of expanding knowledge and for updating to latest,we have organised 3 days of scientific deliberation on<strong> 6th,7th and 8th Dec 2019 at Ahmedabad.</strong> <strong>The theme of our conference is “empowering fetal medicine consultant” </strong> To break the mental barrier , we have planned targeted one day real “hands on simulator workshop on fetal intervention” on 6th December 2019. On following 2 days (7th and 8th December) we have planned to provide complete solution for fetal GIT , GUT system , fetal thorax and fetal intervention and recent advances in the field of maternal fetal medicine. We have chosen learned international and national faculty along with our own local experts at our doorstep. We know and hope this will be unique and lifelong opportunity and experience for every one at 1st week end of coming December. <strong>NOTE:</strong> <span \"data-stled-color:#FFFF00;\"><strong>You will be able to select the accommodation packages once you register via clicking register now tab</strong></span> <strong><span \"data-stled-color:#ADD8E6;\">The accommodation is available in Hyatt, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad</span></strong></div>
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