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Shri M P Shah Government Medical College

<span \"data-stled-color:#FFFFE0;\">The first ever scientific fiesta at MPSMC, with vivid activities spanning from exclusive workshops and quizzes to clairvoyant competitions like" The<em> Hypocritic</em> Oath", is finally here to spark up your Gray matter!  A holistic 3-day conference in a prestigious institute located at the heart of a humble yet beautiful city of Jamnagar,</span><span \"data-stled-color:#FFF0F5;\"> </span><span \"data-stled-color:#DAA520;\"><strong>FONTANELLE 2020</strong></span><span \"data-stled-color:#FFF0F5;\"> </span><span \"data-stled-color:#FFFFE0;\">offers a great opportunity to showcase your academic prowess in front of esteemed doctors and doctors-of-tomorrow as well as explore new realms of medicine. Aiming to transform your outlook towards healthcare and making it more than just a matter of 'treatment and follow up', we invite you to this celebration of Life !</span> <span \"data-stled-color:#40E0D0;\">To view the Pre-Conference Booklet & get additional information please click</span><span \"data-stled-color:#E6E6FA;\"> <a href=\"\_lBRuh91TLXy9WxbDm\"><strong>Here</strong></a></span>
Hands-on Training
ABC Accred.
CME Credits


  • <b>EVENTS</b>
  • <b>WORKSHOPS</b>
A) Competitions:
- Academic: 
  1. Clinical case presentation 
  2. Scientific poster presentation 
  3. Minerva: The Grand Quiz
  4. Occam's razor- A clinical - case based quiz

- Non-Academic: 
  1. The Hypocritic Oath
  2. Crescendo - A medical dumbcharades 
  3. Online competitions 

B) Keynote Lectures 1 & 2

C) Ventilation : An interactive session on Mental Health

To view the Pre-Conference Booklet & get additional information please click Here

Day 1: February 18, 2020 from (02:00 PM to 05:00 PM)
- Workshop 1: 'The Golden Hour'
   A Paediatric Simulation Workshop

- Workshop 2: 'MEDley' 
   An Integrated Medicine Workshop

Day 2: February 19, 2020 
- Workshop 3: 'Shakti' - (10:00 AM to 01:00 PM)
   A Hands-on Obs-Gyn workshop

- Workshop 4: 'Navjeevan' - (09:00 AM to 01:00 PM)
   A workshop by the Anaesthesiology Dept. 
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