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Essentials of Genetics

Ultrasound update foundation

Greetings!! <strong>Ultrasound update foundation</strong> Along with <strong>SFM</strong> is organising <strong>Essentials of Genetics</strong> <strong>Genetics</strong> is incorporated in each and everyone's life. Our Ob & Gyn fraternity deal with generating & delivering next generations. Due to Human genome project & next generation sequencing this era is called genetics era. Due to better understandings, research & laboratory technique in recent time we are able to help many couples which we were not able to help few decades back. Theme of our conference is “<strong>looking beyond aneuploidy</strong>”. Our aim is to deliver best working knowledge in fundaments of genetics & clinical application. After attending this meet, we are sure that you will able to guide your patient towards appropriate testing. Since long there was intense need and request from our friends and colleagues to arrange CME on genetics. We are very much pleased to organize “<strong>Essentials of genetics</strong>“ on 29th & 30th of June in Ahmedabad at <span \"data-stled-color:#FFFF00;\"><strong>Hotel Crown Plaza</strong></span> SG highway.<div \"data-stled-text-align: center;\"><strong>For downloading the brochure please click <a href=\"\">Here</a></strong></div>
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  • <b>Day 1</b>
  • <b>Day 2</b>
Venue: Hotel Crowne Plaza, Ahmedabad

13:00 - 14:00- Registration
14:00 - 14:10- Prayer & welcome- Dr Girish Patel

Session 1 Basics of Genetics & Chromosomes Co-ordinator- Dr Vipali Trivedi, Dr Manisha Suthar, Moderator- Dr Sujatha Jagadeesh

14:10-14:30- ‘ABC’ of chromosomes- Dr Sujatha Jagadeesh
14:30-14:50- Overview of Common chromosomal disorder- Dr Beena Suresh
14:50-15:10- Testing for chromosomal disorders techniques, samples, care in transport- Dr Ratna Puri
15:10-15:20- Delegates interaction

Session 2 Single Gene Disorder- Co-ordinator- Dr Vipali Trivedi, Dr Manisha Suthar, Moderator- Dr Beena Suresh

15:20-15:40- Single gene disorder overview- Dr Sujatha Jagadeesh
15:40-16:00- Beta-thalassemia screening, prevention , future- Dr Beena Suresh
16:00-16:20- Inborn error of metabolism : how they present, treatment options and newborn screening
16:20-16:40- Genetic testing for single gene disorders technique and when to order what ?-Dr Ratna Puri
16:40-16:50- Delegates interaction
16:50-17:05 Break- tea coffee

Session 3 Genetic Counselling &Pedigree- Co-ordinator- Dr Swati Thakkar, Dr Vaishakhi Vyla,
Moderator- Dr Ratna Puri

17:05-17:25- Mode of inheritance & consanguinity-Dr Sujatha Jagadeesh
17:25-17:45- An art of history taking- Dr Ratna Puri
17:45-18:05- Pedigree drawing with case scenario- Dr Beena Suresh
18:05-18:25- Genetic counselling myths and facts- Dr Sujatha Jagadeesh
18:25:19:20- With delegates : How to draw & read pedigree and do counselling- Dr Ratna Puri, Dr Beena Suresh
19:20-19:40- How to approach a child with intellectual disability
19:40-20:00- Delegates interaction
20:00 onwards Gala Dinner with gujju theme
Venue: Hotel Crowne Plaza, Ahmedabad

08:00 - 9:00- Registration and breakfast

Session 4 Screeing in Pregnancy- Co-ordinator- Dr Firoz Bhuvar, Dr Malav Panchal,
Moderator- Dr Ratna Puri

09:00-09:10- Recap of yesterday- Dr Sujatha Jagadeesh
09:10-09:35- Prenatal screening when , why , how ?- Dr Sujatha Jagadeesh
09:35-09:50- cfFDNA testing : what is it, indications , when and how to do counselling- Dr Ratna Puri
09:50-10:10- Genetic testing for reproductive carrier screening and prenatal diagnosis current practice guideline- Dr Saurabh Bhattachrya
10:10-10:30- My case- Dr B I Patel (7 min ), Dr Janak Desai ( 7 min ) Masters comment- Dr Ratna Puri, Dr Beena Suresh
10:30-10:40- Delegates interaction

Session 5 Work up of an Index case- Co-ordinator- Dr Kartik Morzaria, Dr Manthan Patel
Moderator : Dr Beena Suresh

10:40-11:00- Index case work up , a real need- Dr Ratna Puri
11:00-11:15- Break: tea coffee
11:15-11:35- Antenatal malformation detected what next ?- Dr Beena Suresh
11:35-11:40- Delegates interaction
11:40-11:50- Inauguration & president address
11:50-12:10- Next generation sequencing case example ,where it is useful and areas of caution!!- Dr Sujatha Jagadeesh
12:10-12:30- My case- Dr Girish Patel ( 7 min ), Dr Mayank Chowdhury ( 7 min ), Masters comment- Dr Sujatha Jagadeesh, Dr Ratna Puri
12:30-12:50- Message of the day DNA preservation and documentation : Genetic testing in unexplained fetal and neonatal outcome-Dr Beena Suresh
12:50-13:00- Delegates interaction
13:00-13:45- Lunch

Session 6 Prenatal Diagnosis- Co-ordinator- Dr Ami Shah, Dr Ami Mehta, Moderator- Dr Sujatha Jagadeesh

13:45-14:10- Prenatal invasive testing when , why , how ?- Dr Beena Suresh
14:10-14:30- Recurrent pregnancy loss and infertility- Dr Ratna Puri
14:30-15:00- How to read report- Dr Ratna Puri, Dr Beena Suresh
15:00-15:20- NIPT Chrome- Dr Sandip Shah
15:20-15:35- Telegenetics and online data base how it works- Dr Beena Suresh
15:35-15:45- Delegates interaction
 15:45-16:00- Quiz- Dr Ratna Puri, Dr Beena Suresh
16:00-16:40- Mock counselling session-Advance maternal age, Thalassemia carriers, Recurrant pregnancy loss, Consanginous couple- Dr Sujatha Jagadeesh, Dr Ratna Puri, Dr Beena Suresh
16:40-17:00: PGD, PGS current recommendation
17:00-17:20- New born screening
 17:20-17:30- Message from the heart Golden basic rules :do not cross this line- Dr Sujatha Jagadeesh
17:30-17:40- lucky draw, prize distribution- Dr Sujatha Jagadeesh, Dr Ratna Puri, Dr Beena Suresh
17:40-17:55- Valedictory ,vote of thanks- Dr Girish Patel


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