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FOGSI conference on high risk pregnancy


<div \"data-stled-text-align: center;\"><strong>Greetings from AOGS & FOGSI!!</strong></div><div \"data-stled-text-align: center;\"><span \"data-stled-color:#FFFF00;\"><strong>FOGSI conference on high risk pregnancy</strong></span> "<strong>CONFUSION TO CONCLUSION</strong>" A must attend for all Obstetricians and Gynecologists looking to update their knowledge and increase their practice</div><div \"data-stled-text-align: center;\"><span \"data-stled-color:#FFFF00;\"><strong>Only USG Workshop is available!! NOTE: Registration closed for Obstetric Skills And Emergencies: Live Workshop</strong></span> For Viewing Poster presentation schedule <a href=\"\_tllKdUlH9eAbF8oZmG4rGO5J/view?usp=sharing\">click here</a> For Viewing Paper presentation schedule <a href=\"\">click here</a> For Viewing the Poster and Paper presentation winners <a href=\"\">click here</a></div>
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Only USG workshop is available!

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Venue: GCS Medical College • Date 30.08.2019, Friday - Time : 09.00 am to 05.00 pm

1. Obstetrics skills (Live workshop)
Coordinators : 1. Dr. Sapana shah 2. Dr. Jayesh Patel 3. Dr. Pooja Singh 4. Dr. Divyesh Panchal
2. Obstetric USG & Fetal medicineCoordinators : 1. Dr. Mayank Chaudhary 2. Dr. Girish Patel 3. Dr. Amee Shah 4. Dr. Jayshree Bamania
Proposed Topics

1. Labour room troubles – scripting success :- Fetal surveillance, Prolonged Labour, AMTSL
2. Anemia -  Parenteral iron extended application, Treating anemia at 36 + weeks, Management in labour
3. Preeclampsia – Diagnostic dilemma, Atypical preeclampsia, Management -by protocol or individualize?
4. Beating Diabetes – Best screening test for GDM, MNT how & how much effective, Dilemma of time & route of termination
5. Thyroid in pregnancy - Hypo & Hyper - where are EU?
6. Dangerous Placenta - Major abruption, Only Praevia, PAS disorders
7. Operative obstetrics - Mastering Cesarean, learning instrumental
8. Solving IUGR - Panel discussion
9. RPL - Lot to know little to practice? - Panel discussion
10. Preterm - Problem as usual – Panel discussion
11. Induction of labour – Aims fulfilled ! – Panel discussion
12. Medicolegal issues in Obst. - Reverse swip - Panelists ask - Moderators answer
13. Antenatal  9 months 12 Puzzles  Definite answers :
(1) Vomiting not stopping, (2) Edema increasing, (3) Cough uncontrolled, (4) Cramps & aches everywhere, (5)  Itching beyond cholestasis, (6) Spotting spotting-yellow signal, (7) More liquor-Poly not jolly, (8) Less liquor-Draught intrauterine, (9) Cord round the neck - strangulation or garland, (10) DFMC conundrum, (11) Leaking Yes-No, Short cervix - Myths & Facts, (12) Obesity-wt graph moving vertical!
14. High risk to critical care - Journey not wanted but must to understand
15.  Magic drugs for Obstetics “ M ” – Mifepristone, Misoprostol, Magnesium sulfate, Methotrexate, Maturity drug (steroids)
16. Hot Debates :- (i) Obstetrician should marry Medico :- YES/NO
(II) What is best :- Academic life/Job  Or private practice (Both !!)
(iii) Practice in Obstetrics :- Master of all OR Superspeciality practice 
(iv) Group practice necessity of modern times :- Yes/No
17. Uncommon But not rare – Heart disease in preg. Epilepsy, Asthama, Jaundice
18. Unwanted encounters – Sudden IUFD, PPROM, Retained placenta
19. Infections in pregnancy – Dengue, Malaria, Influenza, Zika, Varicella
20. Fulfilling laws - Art of counseling, practice of documentation, preserving registers
Saturday, 31st August, Halls Marigold & Bougainvillea

08:00-09:00- Scientific Paper
09:00-09:30- Session 1- My Case My Take
09:30-10:15- Session 2- Panel Discussion
10:15-11:15- Session 3- Symposia
11:15-11:30- Tea Break
11:30-12:00- Session 4- Hot Debates
12:00-13:00- Session 5- Keynote addresses
13:00-13:30- Session 6- Invited talks
13:30-14:15- Lunch
14:15-15:00- Session 7- Panel Discussion
15:00-16:00Session 8- Symposia
16:00- 16:40Session 9- Keynote addresses
16:40- 17:10Session 10- Hot Debates
17:10-17:30Session 11- My Case My Take
17:30-18:30- Inaugration
18:30-20:00- Oration + Guest Lecture
20:00 onwards- Gala dinner with entertainment

Sunday, 1st September, Halls Marigold & Bougainvillea

08:00-9:00- Scientific Papers
9:00-9:30- Session 12- My Case My Take
9:30-10:15Session 13- Panel Discussion
10:!5- 11:15Session 14- Symposia
11:15-11:30- Tea Break
11:30-12:00Session 15- Hoy Debates
12:00-13:00Session 16- Keynote addresses
13:00-13:30- Session 17-  Invited talks
13:30-14:15- Lunch
14:15-15:00Session 18- Panel Discussion
15:00- 16:00Session 19- Symposia
16:00- 16:40- Session 20- Keynote addresses
16:40 onwards- Valedictory, Prizes
Please note: This is an Abstract Submission only. We encourage original research 
work. Please do not describe the entire paper here. 
Fellows who are attached to institutions are requested to take due permission from 
their department head while submitting the abstract of paper/poster. 

The following headings are required for paper / E-poster submissions:

• Only conference registered delegates or students are allowed to submit the abstract for 
paper/poster or video.
• There are three categories to submit the abstract. 1. High risk pregnancy 2. MTP 
• The abstract for the paper/poster– not be more than 300 words.
• The first author will be the contact person for all the correspondence about the 
• Only one submission as first author will be accepted.
• All abstracts must be submitted by E mail on
• The title should be short and concise, & must NOT be written in capital letters.
• You may use standard abbreviations; however mention unusual abbreviations in brackets 
after the full word, when it appears for the first time.
• Use numerals to indicate numbers, except when beginning the sentences.
• Case reports are generally not accepted unless they bring significant and novel biological 
information, they will be converted to poster presentations
• Last date for submission of Abstracts is August 10, 2019.
• All Submissions will be acknowledged by email. So, please provide your current working E 
mail ID along with Mobile number.
• By submission of an Abstract, the author transfers copyright ownership to the organizing 
committee for publications. The Organizing committee reserves the right to reproduce the 
abstract/presentation made in conference in print or electronic media.
• Abstracts / papers previously published or presented at any national or international 
meeting are not permitted.
• Abstracts / papers previously published or presented at local or state levels are permitted, 
but the details need to be mentioned in the submission.
• The Scientific committee will review the abstracts & the acceptance will be communicated 
to the presenting author by August 20, 2019.
• The Scientific Committee reserves the right to allocate a session time or change the 
presentation type.
• The entire responsibility of the correctness of data reported in the paper will be of the 
Organizing team.
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