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An International Conference on Critical Care in Obstetrics


<strong>An International Conference on Critical Care in Obstetrics</strong> is being hosted by Ahmedabad Obstetrics & Gynaecological Society in association with All India Co-ordinating Committe, on <strong>17th,18th & 19th December 2021</strong>. We welcome you to be a part of this grand event , on behalf of the organizing committee.The scientific deliberations will take place over next two days and lot of academic exchange will happen amongst the learned national & International stalwarts and the interested delegates.This event will showcase the latest advances in the field of Critical Care in Obstetrics.We also would invite you to hospitality & cultural event with gala dinner. Awaiting your precious presence during the event. Hope to see you all very soon.
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  • <b>Workshops</b>
  • <b>Proposed Scientific Sessions</b>
A) Critical Care in Obstetrics

      Learning Objectives

  • To update delegates about the need,set up and scope of Obstetric HDU/OICU
  • To update delegates about different monitoring, procedures and its utility, carried out in Obstetrics HDU/ICU
  • To learn about interpretation of important reports and findings-laboratory,and others procedural
  • To train delegates on how to use infusion and syringe pumps, different machines and instruments used frequently in critical care unit in skill stations
  • To update delegates for management of pregnanacy with different medical disorders and role of muliti speciality team work.
  • To train delegates by performing useful drills like CPR in Obstetrics as per the recent guidelines.

B) Obstetrics Imaging
  • 1st trimester anomalies scan
  • TIFFA scan
  • Doppler in assessment of fetal health
  • Clinical applications of Three-Dimensional ultrasound
  • Severe Anaemia-The Major Killer
  • PPH: A scare for every obstetrician
  • HDP & Complications: The Unresloved Mystery
  • Sepsis: An unavoidable scourge.
  • Nearmiss cases: The unseen base of an iceberg.
  • Obstetric HDU.OICU: The Vital Back up
  • Pregnancy & NCD: The Tsunami
  • Viral Infections in Preganancy- A complete complexity.
  • COVID-19: The biggest health challenge of the century.
  • Thrombophilias: The Dilemmas
  • Endocrine problems in pregnancy: The crisis
  • Stillbirth: The frustration
  • Medical disorders in Pregnanacy: The rising trend
  • Critical situations in LR/OT: A dreadful.
  • Critical complications in MTP: Still a reality.
  • Fluid and Electrolytes: Keep the Balance
  • Contraception and critical care: The confusion.
  • Imaging in High-risk pregnancy: The probing eye.
  • Critical care in Infertility.
  • Blood,Nutrition,Pain management:The supportive care
  • Medicolegal care: Career Nightmare
  • Miscellaneous: All in one!
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