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4th International Conference on INTEGRATIVE ONCOLOGY (ICIO 2020)

Global Homeopathy Foundation

We welcome you to the 4th and world’s largest International Conference on Integrative Oncology (ICIO)!! Elite minds of the world will share and discuss the best possible healthcare advances in <b>Cancer Management</b> apart from conventional cancer treatments. This 2-day event will have International and National resource persons from different fields such as cancer care, cellular biology, genetics, etc.
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  • <b>Day 1 </b>
  • <b>Day 2</b>
Integration in Oncology
  • Defining Integration - Ideation
  • Integration in Palliative Care
  • Diet | Nutrition - Application in Oncology
  • Phyto-Oncology - Possibilities
  • Epigenetic & Nanoscience Research In Oncology
Complimenting Oncology Interventions - Effective Models
  • Homeopathy in AYUSH Integration
  • Ayurveda in AYUSH Integration
  • Siddha & Unani in AYUSH Integration
  • Applied research - AYUSH Adaptation - learning on tools, indicators
  • Yoga | Naturopathy Impact on Onco-Care
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