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Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore

<span \"data-stled-color:#FFFF00;\"><strong>Greetings from KMC, Mangalore!!</strong></span> <strong>The MAHESRF Summer Training</strong> is a <strong>five-day long program organized by Student Research Forum and the Surgical Club of Kasturba Medical college, Mangalore in association with Asian Medical Students Association (AMSA)- India</strong>. Year after year, the summer training programme has been a great success and our latest edition promises not only theoretical aspect of medicine but also a hands-on experience in it. It comprises of <strong>three modules</strong> which include <strong>workshops on laboratory diagnostics, medical skills and surgical skills</strong>, each of which act as a foundation stone of medicine.
Hands-on Training
ABC Accred.
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  • <b>Module Details</b>
  • <b>Through the Scope</b>
  • <b>MEDXIq</b>
  • <b>Scalpels and sutures</b>
THROUGH THE SCOPE: It includes workshops such as hands on experience in FNAC in Pathology, formulating drugs in Pharmacology, making Histological slides from scratch in Anatomy and much more.

MEDXiQ: It aims to expand the horizon of the students to get to know the depths of medicine, which they don’t get to see often such as demonstration of making of moulds and masks for chemotherapy, learning how to treat emergency cases be it paediatrics or adults, to see the life of a radiologist, a tour to the Cath Lab and the list continues.

SCALPELS & SUTURES: Surgery is a subject that fascinates everyone. Through this module, students learn a range of techniques ranging from the basics of scrubbing and gloving to suturing, catheterization, bowel anastomoses, laparoscopy and even simulation surgery.

And finally, we have:
CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION: Time to bring your inner Sherlock Holmes out &
MEDICAL POTPOURRI: With one of the best quiz masters of Karnataka!
  • One of INDIA’s best anatomy museum 
  • Innovation centre of MAHE – Experience cutting edge technology: the working and functioning of a 3D Printer live.
Through this work shop you will get a hands-on experience as how the histological slides are made right from scratch. You would have the opportunity to mount the specimen and stain it in the pretty pinks and blues!

Animal experiments are conducted to give a better understanding of the pathogenesis, effectiveness, and complications that are likely to be encountered in humans. The workshops will give you an insight on research techniques involved in laboratory rodents.

Make it, only to break it again—Watch the live demonstration of electrophoresis to experience the finer aspects of biochemistry.

Through this workshop one would learn the basics of diagnosis in pathology. You would get an opportunity to step into the shoes of a pathologist and do everything yourself, starting from grossing to sectioning and even perform procedures such as FNAC.

Ever questioned yourself before taking your phone to the bathroom or holding it against a sweaty ear? 
Ever thought what all germs party on your phone screen? 
Well, here is a golden opportunity for you to know your microbes better. It starts from taking a swab to inoculation and finally culturing and you get to do it all by yourself.

In this you will be taught how to make and formulate drugs all by yourself.
The workshop also includes animal experiments such drug feeding, drug injections on rats.

Forensic medicine:
Who says dead men tell no tales!! Here you will get a life time opportunity to witness a live autopsy and dissection of organs.
A hands on experience in Interventional Radiology. It is a great opportunity to learn about the different modalities and methods used in radiology.

Understanding ECG:
pqrst and then comes the beeeep.. Let’s go a little deep into the working of ECG and and dissect each of the waves. Through this work shop you will taught the basics of ECG, its interpretation and identification of the heart conditions.

How to use an insulin pen? 
Hands on experience of insulin administration through subcutaneous route. Learn about latest insulin techniques and preparations.

Basic life support:
Save a life become a hero! Introduction to BLS, through this you would get a hands-on experience as to how to assess and tackle an emergency situation. 

Paediatric medicine:
Learn how to resuscitate a neonate by techniques such as- NALS. 
A trip to the NICU is also included.

Various OPD procedures will be taught such as split skin smear, cryotherapy, skin biopsy and much more in the most innovative possible way

Pulmonary medicine:
Interactive session on differentiating and understanding breath sounds would be taken along with a session in sleep cycle study and conditions associated with it.

A walk around the department of radiotherapy, a session on the live demonstration of making moulds and masks for the patients undergoing radiotherapy.

Tour of the Cath Lab with live demonstration of cardiac catheterization procedure.
Introduction to surgery:
A talk on what it takes to become a surgeon and the evolution of surgery over the years.

Instrument handling and care:
Familiarise yourself with basic instruments used in surgery and the technique to use them.

IV Line access and Catheterization:
These workshops will be taken by the Department of Anaesthesiology and the Department of Urology respectively using mannequins and actual instruments.

This workshop aims at giving a hands-on experience, in which you get a hands-on experience with the Endotrainers and get the real feel of performing a laparoscopic surgery.

Simulation Surgery:
This is the final step! Go get cleaned up, because now you need to fit into the scrubs of a surgeon and perform a surgery.
You will have a case, a patient and the instruments.
Let’s see how well you use your scalpels and put the sutures.
  • Hi I am Rashmi from AJIMS currently in 3rd year, the forensic medicine museum in KMC Mangalore is really awesome. The specimens and charts displayed are very clear. The organ dissection session was really good and we learnt more than what we learnt in anatomy dissection. Thank you.
  • Hi I am Balasubramanyam from JNMC, Belgaum. I am from module 1. During thes 4 days, it has been a complete academic feast, with knowledge from pathology to medicine. It has been a great experience with beautiful accommodation and hospitality. Thank you KMC Mangalore.
  • Hi we are interns at Yenepoya Medical college. We had an awesome time here in KMC Mangalore. We express our deep and sincere thanks to all the faculties, the sessions were really informative and comprehensive. We like the fact that this was really hands-on and interesting and not lecture oriented. We enjoyed a lot. Thank you.
  • Hi! We are studying at AJ Medical college currently in 3rd year, we participated in the summer training conducted by MAHE SRF. These 4 days were very informative, we had a lot of fun. People here are very warm and receiving and we made a lot of friends. We had a great experience academically and otherwise.
  • Hello we are from JNMC, Belgaum. We would like to thank the coordinators of MAHE SRF for the great experience we had. The professors took great interest in teaching us and their teaching was very innovative. The organ dissection session was the highlight and was done in a very precise and detailed manner. It was an amazing experience to be in KMC Mangalore. We are taking a lot of information back to our home place, all thanks to the organisers, coordinators and professors of KMC Mangalore.
  • Hello I am S Khurana from JNMC, Belgaum. I attended the KMC Mangalore’s Summer Training Programme, module 1. It was an amazing experience and it was very informative. Also mangalore is a very nice place to explore. Thank you.
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