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Government Medical College, Miraj

<strong>Greeting!!</strong> <strong>MEDICIENCIA</strong>, now in its 3rd edition was started 3 years back with the objective pursuit of  igniting young minds to envision a goal, to preserve relentlessly towards achieving it and finally accomplishing the set target. In its very first year, the conference was graced by <strong>Padma Shri. Dr. Prakash Baba Amte</strong> & <strong>Dr. Mandakini Tai Amte</strong> from Hemalkasa in Gadchiroli district who are pioneers in the field of <strong>Tribal Health and Medicine</strong>. Besides, we were privileged to be the only institute in India, where <strong>the country’s first Robotic Total Knee Replacement Surgery performed by Dr. Narendra Vaidya</strong> was live-streamed from Lokmanya Hospital, Pune. Along with other fantastic orations from the who’s who of medical field, the benchmarks of scholastic excellence were raised. In its second edition, <strong>MEDICIENCIA-2k18</strong> was inaugurated by <strong>Dr. Pravin Shingare, the ex-director of Directorate of Medical Education and Research (DMER) of Maharashtra</strong> and a past alumnus of our college. Continuing the tradition of live streaming surgeries, we had <strong>Dr. Suraj Pawar</strong>, who video streamed the laparoscopic surgery of oesophageal carcinoma via the Pawar Technique, patented and named after him. With further additions of workshops like Basic Suturing Skills, Trauma Management, Basic Life Support, Electrocardiography, outstanding orations and other intriguing events like Paper Presentation and Case Presentation, MEDICIENCIA reached a new zenith, setting the bar high for its subsequent editions. This year, we have taken the responsibility of nurturing this sapling with the manure of intellect and the water of innovation to ensure that it continues to flourish and evolve into a tree with widespread branches which touch all walks of life.
Hands-on Training
ABC Accred.
CME Credits


  • <b>Event details</b>
  • <b>Workshop details</b>
  • Medical Symposium
  • Clinicopathological quiz
  • Pre and para clinical quiz
  • Poster presentation
  • Case presentation
  • Paper presentation
  • Panel discussion
  • Medical Short films
  • Doctor-Student debate
  • Online essay competition
Group 1:
  • Electrocardiography workshop
  • Trauma management workshop
  • Basic suturing skills workshop
  • Basic laboratory microbiology workshop
Group 2
  • Upper GI Endoscopy workshop
  • Laparoscopic surgery workshop
  • Autopsy and toxicology workshop
  • Radiodiagnosis and interventional radiology workshop
Group 3:
  • Basic life support workshop:- PG students
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