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Medical Student's International Conference

Vardhman Mahavir Medical College & Safdarjung Hospital

<span \"data-stled-color:#DAA520;\">Spring 2020 brings medical fraternity the unparalleled occasion of one of the most prestigious medical college conferences in the country, under the mentorship of Dr. Chintamani and now in the tenth year of its existence – <strong>MEDSICON</strong> – a unique learning experience with a plethora of workshops, academic and literary events, all directed towards the collective goal of sharing of knowledge and ideas. The annual conference of Vardhaman Mahavir Medical College and Safdarjung Hospital started in the year 2007 as the World Students’ Congress. Under the leadership of Dr. Krishna Agarwal and Dr. Avantika Singh, it was bestowed with the name MEDSICON – Medical Students’ International Conference – in the year 2011. Initially a national conference, MEDSICON soon evolved into a global event, being attended by national as well as international delegates. We envision the 10th Annual Conference - MEDSICON 2020 as providing an enormous learning platform to undergraduates across all parts of the country with a number of hands-on workshops, ranging from basic surgical skills to emergency and critical care to Urology and Robotic Surgery Workshop; promoting as well as sharing research and resources under the guidance of renowned faculty. We also give emphasis on academic events like poster presentation, podium presentation, clinical case presentation, clinical photo assay and the highlight event, the panel discussion CONCLAVE - where students put forth innovative and practical ideas in front of a panel of change-makers. Also, we intersperse the schedule with fun but competitive literary events like the medical quiz, just-a-minute, debate and medical pictionary. We invite medical undergraduates to join us, and continue this process of learning and sharing their research as well as their ideas and thoughts as a community.</span> For details & more information please click <a href=\"\"><strong>Here</strong></a>
Hands-on Training
ABC Accred.
CME Credits


  • <b>Workshops</b>
Pre – Conference Workshops:
  • Basic Surgical Skills Workshop – Suture Practicum
  • Emergency and Critical Care Workshop

Conference Workshops:
  • Publish & Flourish – Scientific Paper Writing Workshop
  • Robotics and Urology Workshop
  • Critical Obstetrics Skills Workshop
  • Orthopedics Skills Workshop
  • Pulmonary Skills Workshop
  • Burns and Plastics Workshop

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  • Scientific Poster & Podium Presentation
  • Clinical Case Presentation
  • Clinical Photo Assay

To know more and get detailed information on Academic Events please click Here
  • Medillectuals – The Quiz
  • Abhivyakti – The Debate
  • Just-A-Minute: JAM
  • Medical Pictionary
  • Movie Matinee

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