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Government Medical College, Patiala

<span \"data-stled-color:#DAA520;\"><strong>REMEDIUM 2020</strong> </span><span \"data-stled-color:#FFFFE0;\">is being held in the enthralling campus of Government Medical College, Patiala. The idea behind is to provide didactic, interactive sessions concerning the day to day issues of interest to medical undergraduates. The scientific exchanges, various hands-on workshops and innovative competitions are worth experiencing. We ensure, you’ll carry a truckload of memories and many new friends.   We welcome you to </span><span \"data-stled-color:#DAA520;\"><strong>REMEDIUM 2020</strong> </span><span \"data-stled-color:#FFFFE0;\">and look forward to your enthusiastic participation. Experience the wonderful academic sessions of REMEDIUM 2020 along with history, heritage and culture of Patiala.</span> Have a look at our website <strong><a href=\"\">Here</a></strong> For <span \"data-stled-color:#008080;\"><strong>ACADEMIC GUIDELINES</strong></span> please click <strong><a href=\"\">Here</a></strong>
Hands-on Training
ABC Accred.
CME Credits


  • <b>Competitions</b>
  • <b>Workshops</b>
1. Research Paper presentation
2. Clinical Case Presentation
3. Scientific Poster Presentation
4. Public Poster Presentation
5. Crossfire : Debate Competition  
6. MUN
7. Online Photography Competition
8. Medical Quiz
Day 1 (1st February 2020)
  • Basic Life Support (BLS) - Rs. 1500
  • Basic Sciences - Rs. 800

Day 2 (2nd February 2020)
  • Orthopaedics - Rs. 1000
  • Transfusion Medicine - Rs. 800
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