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Techniques In Physiological Sciences Workshop 2021

All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi

<div \"data-stled-text-align: justify;\">All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi is dedicated to developing innovations in teaching, research and patient care. The Department of Physiology has been a strong pillar in supporting this mandate given by the Parliament of India to AIIMS, New Delhi. The Departmental faculty and students have always worked towards this aim of being the pioneers in developing innovations in teaching and research and innovating technologies for the betterment of patient care. In the line of this continued mission, the Department of Physiology, AIIMS, New Delhi is organizing an workshop on Techniques In Physiological Sciences (TIPS) for SAARC nations during 1-3 December 2021 at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. Through this workshop we intend to share our expertise with members of the SAARC nations and help build up scientific cooperation and collaboration in the field of Physiological sciences. The Department of Physiology at AIIMS, New Delhi has been involved in research ranging from molecular biology to higher neural functions. The research projects undertaken have addressed issues like basic mechanisms underlying normal physiology to altered responses in disease conditions. The successful conduct of various research projects in the Department of Physiology, AIIMS, New Delhi have been made possible through the application of several state-of- art technologies that have been developed painstakingly by the departmental faculty members and students and are being upgraded and excelled continuously. The aim of the present Workshop is to share these state-of-art techniques with the participants in detail so that they may gain sufficient insights during three days of intensive training to practice the techniques at their own Institutions.</div>
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