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Academy of Pediatrics, Vadodara

Greeting from VAPCON 2019, We as pediatricians, continually strive to keep up-to-date and stay abreast of the latest trends in practice. Excellence in Academics is virtue at Vadodara. We invite you to a galore of scientific sessions to yet another “<strong>VAPCON 2019</strong>’’, <strong>5th in a row, to the cultural capital of Gujarat - Vadodara</strong> where Team AOPV is eagerly awaiting to provide you with best of academics along with its rich hospitality. The conference draws more than 200 paediatricians and offers interactive sessions and panel discussions on interesting topics,with best of assorted faculties from various parts of the country. We eagerly look forward to your presence and making you a part of this unique event and to share passion for the health of children.
Hands-on Training
ABC Accred.
CME Credits


  • <b>Scientific Program</b>
  • <b>Organizing Team</b>
08.00 am to 08.30 am: Registration and Breakfast
08.30 am to 09.00 am: kracking Kawasaki Kode- Dr. Vijay Vishwanathan
09.00 am to 09.30 am: Clearing confusions : Immunization in Special Situations- Dr. Srinivas Kasi
09.30 am to 10.00 am: Case based approach to Recurrent Jaundice- Dr. Anshu Shrivastava
10.00 am to 10.40 am: Panel Discussion – ID : Learning from Interesting Cases- Moderator: Dr. Suhas Prabhu, Panellists: Dr. Mahesh Mohite, Dr. Abhay Shah, Dr. Kamana Gandhi 
10.40 am to 11.00 am: Inaugural Function
11.00 am to 11.20 am: Tea Break
11.20 am to 12.00 pm: Lessons from Pediatric Medicolegal Cases- Dr. Jagadeeshan Reddy
12.00 pm to 12.20 pm: Lung in Air Travel- Dr. Mahesh Mohite
12.20 pm to 12.40 pm: Ascites – practical aspects- Dr. Anshu Shrivastava
12.40 pm to 01.00 pm: Common Tropical Infections in PICU- Dr. Digant Shastri
01.00 pm to 01.30 pm: Chest- Clinico-Radiological Correlation- Dr. Mahesh Mohite
01.30 pm to 02.15 pm: Lunch Break
02.15 pm to 02.45 pm: Tuberculosis- The Unending Learning!- Dr. Suhas Prabhu
02.45 pm to 03.30 pm: The Inimitable Immunization Dialogue- Moderator: Dr. Satish Pandya, Panelists: Dr. Srinivas Kasi, Dr. Abhay Shah
03.25 pm to 04.00 pm: To ask or not to ask? Tantalizing Investigations in Rheumatology- Dr. Vijay Vishwanathan
04.00 pm to 04.10 pm: Valedictory Function
  • Organizing Chairman
    Dr. Bhupendra Kapadia
  • Convener
    Dr. Tushar Shah
  • Organizing Secretary
    Dr. Hitesh Vasava
  • Advisor
    Dr. Satish Pandya
    Dr. Hitesh Desai
    Dr. Sanjeev Goel
    Dr. Bankim Parikh
  • Audiovisual Committee
    Dr. Bhavesh Shah
    Dr. Vishal Dedania
    Dr. Bhavin Soni
  • Registration Committee
    Dr. Ashutosh Singh Rathore
    Dr. Jiger Shah
    Dr. Bhavik Kanabar
    Dr. Prashant Modi
  • Scientific Committee
    Dr. Yatin Mehta
    Dr. Tushar Shah
    Dr. Manoj Ambwani
  • Exhibition Committee
    Dr. Paresh Majmudar
    Dr. Bakulesh Chauhan
    Dr. Snehal Shirolawala
  • Food Committee
    Dr. Shreyas C. Shah
    Dr. Urvinder Kaur
    Dr. Rinki Shah
  • Treasurer
    Dr. Prashant Ram
  • Finance Committee
    Dr. Vinod Chaudhari
    Dr. Samir Shah
  • Transport & Hotel Committee
    Dr. Jigen Shah
    Dr. Harshil Shah
    Dr. Mukesh Nagar


Dr. Abhay Shah
Pediatrician, Ahmedabad
Dr. Anshu Shrivastav
Pediatric Gastro, Lucknow
Dr. Digant Shastri
Pediatrician, Surat
Dr. Jagadeeshan Narayanareddy
Medicolegal Expert, Banglore
Dr. Kamana Gandhi
Pediatric ID, Vadodara
Dr. Mahesh Mohite
Pediatrician & Intensivist, Mumbai
Dr. Satish Pandya
Pediatrician, Vadodara
Dr. Srinivas Kasi
Pediatrician & Vaccinologist, Banglore
Dr. Suhas Prabhu
Pediatrician, Mumbai
Dr. Vijay Vishwanathan
Pediatric Rheumatologist, Mumbai
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