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Global Summit on Medical Lasers & Regenerative Medicine

The Conference is very unique in having Multidisciplinary Panels with Clinical oriented sharing, combining the Clinical and Academic Experts, Surgeons and Physicians from different specialties. In the conference they have more than 30 international and National speakers, allowing exchange in clinical experience in Therapeutic, Aesthetic and surgical Lasers, different aspects of Regenerative medicine, Nutrition and Metabolic Medicine. It is a Forum for sharing, communicating, fostering, understanding among colleagues, experts, researchers and exhibitors. It will be one of the most important interactive platforms for different disciplines to share clinical experience. By attending GSML2016, your skills and competency in disease prevention and health and wellness promotion will be raised to higher level as you learn the most progressive and advanced scientific breakthroughs available from around the world. <span \"data-stled-font-size:20px;\"><strong>45\% Discount for students, Post graduates and young physicians of all kinds.</strong></span> &nbsp; *<a href=\"\_cZhhXn7mdMmJVNDdrdnY4UjQ\">Download Brochure</a>
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  • Chairman\'s Address
  • GSML 2016
  • Who can attend the event?
In the Indian sub-continent the number of people who are suffering from Chronic degenerative conditions of musculoskeletal, neurological and neuropsychiatry are in 100s of millions.
Chronic Diseases have become an epidemic due to combined reasons like Micronutrient malnutrition, Environmental toxicity, Fragmented and separated families, prolonged living indoors(Vit D deficiency), unsecured and uninsured aging population and continued stress even in old age. Conventional methods of treatments are not giving any desired results. People are desperate. Raising health care costs are responsible for drowning many families below the poverty line! If actions are not taken on massive scale it will cost nations exchequer in a big way and in turn drown the country's economy also. Time has come to Redefine Health through New Frontiers of health care.
A Family Physician is a  multi-competent specialist who not only provides the point of first contact and primary care but also provides the continuum of care in a patient-centered way. At least incases of chronic conditions, if trained, a family physician can do more than 90\% of justice to such patients. 
There are close to 2,50,000 under graduate doctors in India who have no  access to postgraduate education. As there is no mandated continuous education for physicians, they lack confidence in handling even simple neck, back and knee pain cases and refer them to major hospitals. We want to empower and make them self-competent practitioners so that they can 'Refer less & Resolve more' 
  • It offers 3 days of technical sessions, special symposia, exhibits.
  • All highlighting the latest research, applications and market-ready technologies in all areas of medical lasers.
  • Opportunity for collaboration and networking among speakers, companies, delegates and other professionals and public.
  • Medical doctors and Patients who visit, will understand the new frontiers of health care. It is a big boon to patients who want to know about latest medical practice and gain confidence in new practices.
Conference with a difference
  • We want the conference to be a Feast academics.
  • There must be conclusion at the end not confusion.
  • There must be clarity but not ambiguity.
  • Participants must take right message in a satisfactory way. 
Prime Objectives
Are mainly the major health concerns of the country.
  • There is a dearth of qualified clinical staff in the country. Country's public health system is in tatters. We want to empower young doctors with knowledge and clinical skills to practice an evidence based and result oriented treatment to millions of patients.
  • We want to minimize plight of rural patients to cities.
  • It is our humble intention and effort to establish therapeutic lasers in 
    Indian sub continent, bring it to the notices of authorities, impart knowledge to medical community and create awareness in public
1. Dermatologist
2. Orthopaedic physician
3. Diabetologist
4. Physiotherapist
5. Dietitian and Nutritionist
6. General Practitioner
7. Family physician


Michael Hamblin
Key Note Speaker
Dr. B Krishna Rau
MBBS, MS - General Surgery, FIAMS
Prof B. M . Hedge
Retired Vice Chancellor of the Manipal University
Sri Siddaramaiah
Chief Guest, Honourable Chief Minister of Karnataka
Sri Ramesh Kumar
Guest of Honour, Honourable Minister, Health & Family Welfare
Dr. Shimon Rochkind
MD, Ph.D. Specialist in Neurosurgery &amp; Microsurgery
Dr. Leonardo Longo
MD, Endocrinology Head of Institute for Laser Medicine of Florence - ILM
Sri Dr. H C Mahadevappa
Guest of Honour, Honourable Minister: Public work ports & Inland transport
Dr. Thomas Mang
Associate Professor at University at Baffalo
Sri Dr. Sharan Prakash Patil
Guest of Honour, Honourable Minister, Medical Education
Dr. Neil B Piller
Director of the Lymphedema Clinical Research Unit, Flinders University
Dr. Juanita Anders
Prof. Neuroscience &amp; Genetics, Past President of ASLMS
Sri Dr. K. Sudhakar
Guest of Honour, MLA, Chikkaballapur
Dr. Janis T. Eells
Ph.D. Biomedical Sciences
Dr. Michael Weber
Founder of Modern Lasertherapy
Dr. Praveen R Arany
DDS, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, University of Buffalo
Dr. Jeri Anne Lyons
Ph.D. Microbiology/Immunology
Dr. R Hemalatha
Head of Clinical Division, Microbiology and Immunology at NIN, ICMR
Dr. Salaheldin Halasa
Clinical Research of Immuno-therapy, Stem Cell Therapy, Laser Therapy and Pain Management
Prof. M D Waldinger
Neuropsychiatrist & Neurosexologist, Netherlans
Dr. Peter T. Dorsher
MSc, MD Musculoskeletal Medicine
Dr. Peter T. Dorsher, MSC, MD
Consultant, Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, Florida
Dr. Liisa Laakso
Physiotherapy, Griffith University
Nicholas Wise
NAALT Board Director
Dr. Mark Rogers
Medical Practitioner
James Carroll
Founder & CEO Thor Photomedicine Ltd.
Dr. Mohammed Habeeb
Renowned and senior Gastroenterologist
Dr. Rodrigo Alvaro B. Lopes- Martins
Dean of Biomedical Engineering Research and Post-Graduate Center at University of Mogi Das Cruzes
Dr. Jyothsna Rao
Research Director at International Stem Cell Services
Dr. Marcel D. Waldinger
MD, Ph.D. Neuropsychiatrist and Neurosexologist
Dr. Surekha Shetty
Consultant Diabetologist at Karnataka Institute of Diabetology
Dr. Pramod S Chinder
Orthopaedic Oncosurgeon at HCG, Bangalore
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