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Medical Students Association of India - Registration Drive

International Federation of Medical Students Associations (IFMSA)

Medical Students Association of India (MSAI) is India’s first and largest nationally and internationally represented medical students' organization, comprising over 20,000 medical students across the country (registered in New Delhi under the Societies Act and adopted as an IFMSA National Member Organisation). Ever since its inception, MSAI has spread its wings to the farthest corners of the country and continues to do so. MSAI provides a vast array of national and international opportunities to its members for their professional development and works on various areas including Public Health, Medical Education, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Human Rights and Peace, Bioethics, etc.
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As an organisation, MSAI strives to provide its members with numerous opportunities to become global health leaders of today and tomorrow.

 Ever since its inception, MSAI has spread its wings to the farthest corners of the country and continues to do so even today. We span over 22 states and 4 union territories in India,  and have touched the lives of many individuals in India through our on-going activities.

Join MSAI today to build skills and contribute to society by availing the local, national and international opportunities we offer!

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IFMSA Meetings: 
IFMSA holds three annual international meetings - March Meeting (MM), August Meeting (AM) and Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting (APRM). Each meeting is held in different countries and provides an opportunity to explore new cultures whilst learning more about global health and other topics. MSAI sends its members as part of its delegation for these meetings to get equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to make a difference, and concomitantly represent our country and the work we do at MSAI.
Sub-Regional Trainings (SRTs)
A Sub Regional Training (SRT) is an international meeting supported by IFMSA, where members and motivated students from a (sub)region or sometimes even further away can meet and participate in training, workshops and small working groups! MSAI members can attend these trainings and get a chance to develop skills, network and learn about new cultures.

International Exchanges:
We offer Professional Exchanges and Research Exchanges in over 50+ countries! These involve a 4 week clerkship/internship, under a tutor, for a subject that you love in the medical field! MSAI has successfully had over 800+ exchanges and hosted innumerable foreign medical students in 15+ medical colleges in the country. To know more about MSAI Exchanges check out :

International Representation: 
MSAI provides its members with the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge to represent MSAI and India at various International platforms. We have previously had representation at  the United Nations Climate Change Conference, High Level Political Forum, United Nations General Assembly, National Conference of Family Planning & Primary Care, and the WHO South East Asia Regional Committee Meeting, among many others
At MSAI we design and implement on- ground and online activities to create measurable impact in society. We have previously launched over 150+ activities which have impacted the lives of numerous people in communities in India. Our members get the opportunity to organise and volunteer for such initiatives and help create a change they wish to see.

Our internationally trained officials and members create workshops that help students develop basic skills like leadership and public speaking while simultaneously learning about important topics such as AMR, HIV, Disaster Management and Global Health.

MSAI hosts national conferences all across India, known as the annual National General Assembly (NGA) and National Workshop Meets (NWM). Delegations of students from medical colleges all over India attend these conferences in large numbers and are exposed to the various aspects of the organisation. These conferences consist of workshops that help students develop basic skills like leadership and public speaking while simultaneously learning about important topics.Attendees get a chance to understand the administrative aspects of the organisation as well as interact with the MSAI Executive Board and Team of Officials
  • Executive Board 2021-22:

President: Dr. Mauli Mehta 
Vice President for External Affairs (VPE): Salman Khan 
Vice President for Internal Affairs (VPI): Dr. Warisha Fathima 
Vice President for Capacity Building (VPCB): Aarya Shah 
Vice President for Finances (VPF): Dr. Rahul Chowdhary 
Vice President for Activities (VPA): Dr. Nishant Nagpal 
Vice President for Exchanges (VPX): Dr. Uma Gupta


  • Team of Officials 2021-22:

National Officers on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights including HIV & AIDS (NORA): Divya Garg and Kriti Bhalotia 
National Officers on Public Health (NPO): Eesha Shah and Nimisha Ramesh 
National Officers on Medical Education (NOME): Arpita Saxena and Prabhat Jha 
National Officers on Human Rights and Peace (NORP): Dr. Shobhet Saxena and Soham Aggarwal  
National Exchange Officers (NEO): Gurnoor Kaur and Uma Swami
National Officers on Research Exchanges (NORE): Dr. Avichal Dani and Aalesh Shah 
Regional Director- North: Dr. Yash Rathi 
Regional Director- South: Dr. Neil M Salian 
Regional Director- West: Diksha Joshi 
Regional Director- East: Kartikeya Ojha
Director for Public Relations and Communications (DPRC): Shaguftah Rehman


  • Supervisory Council 2021-22:

Dr. Kosha Gala
Dr. Katya Saksena
Dr. Chaitanya Kalra

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