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HCG Cancer Hospital, Vadodara

Place : Vadodara
Date : 01 Jan 2015 - 31 Dec 2015
All India Medical Students' Association, Vadodara Branch\n\nProudly presents\n\nMEDICAL STUDENTS' PARLIAMENT 2019


South Asian Medical Students\' Association

Place : Kolkata
Date : 01 Jan 2015 - 31 Dec 2015
SAMSACON'19 is the first national medical conference of it's kind being organised in West Bengal by SAMSA in March 2019. Medical students and doctors nationwide are invited and expected to participate in this conference. Several academic workshops and seminars will be conducted by prominent doctors and professors in four premium medical colleges of Kolkata.


JAWAHARLAL NEHRU MEDICAL COLLEGE, Sawangi (Meghe), Wardha, Maharashtra

Place : Wardha
Date : 01 Jan 2015 - 31 Dec 2015

EUCON 2019

Government Medical College, Surat

Place : Surat
Date : 01 Jan 2015 - 31 Dec 2015
Government Medical College, Surat presents EUCON 2019.

Medicus Conventus 2019 - The Annual Hardinge Conference

Lady Hardinge Medical College

Place : New Delhi
Date : 01 Jan 2015 - 31 Dec 2015
MediQuest, the medical society of Lady Hardinge Medical College presents to you, Medicus Conventus - The annual Hardinge conference to participate, learn, innovate and celebrate.Theme – Fostering Skills in Medicine.\n\nSee. Perform. Master.

OM 5.0 - 5th Oncosurgery Mastercourse

Aastha Oncology Associates and HCG Cancer Centre

Place : Ahmedabad
Date : 01 Jan 2015 - 31 Dec 2015
Greetings from the organizing team of Oncosurgery Mastercourse (OM) 2019 - OM 5.0 - a unique video based workshop. It gives us immense pleasure to inform you that we are organizing 5th edition of Oncosurgery Mastercourse ie OM 5.0 on 30th and 31st March, 2019, at Ahmedabad.\n\nOrganised by\n\n\n\nIn association with\n\n\n\nAs we all know, excellence in surgical technique and optimum use of technology is must in armamentarium of any surgeon, especially for head and neck cancer surgeon, to ensure the best outcome. This art is best propagated by observing and interacting with masters in this field. \n\nTo facilitate transfer of this art, OM 5.0 is going to bring masters of the field to satisfy thirst of knowledge and to clear doubts by one to one interaction on masters' videos. \n\nLet us use this Opportunity to Learn from Mutual Experiences for ensuring better patient outcome.

Andhra Medical Students Association - Registration Drive

Andhra Medical Students Association (AMSA)

Place : Vishakhapatnam
Date : 01 Jan 2015 - 31 Dec 2015
AIM: To endow a common platform for representation to all the Medical Students of the Nation irrespective of the University they study in, grades, age, sex, caste, and region they belong to.

AIMSA Registration Drive

All India Medical Students\' Association

Place : New Delhi
Date : 01 Jan 2015 - 31 Dec 2015
All India Medical Students' Association is a representative national voluntary organisation of medical students' and medical professionals. All India Medical Students' Association shell work to safeguard, protect the interests, rights of all medical professionals and students.

Junior World Congress 2019

Christian Medical College, Ludhiana in association with Asian Medical Students Association

Place : Ludhiana
Date : 01 Jan 2015 - 31 Dec 2015
JUNIOR WORLD CONGRESS 2019 is an initiative undertaken by Christian Medical College and Hospital, Ludhiana, on the occasion of 125 years of establishment of the institution in association with AMSA-India. After years of delivering quality medical education, we bring to you our latest venture in revitalizing undergraduate medical education. This programme is aimed at providing a platform to open the vast world of medical knowledge to undergraduate medical students as well as an opportunity for integration of students from all over the world.\n Theme : Non Communicable Diseases\n The reason behind selection of this theme is the alarming rate of rise in Non Communicable Diseases and their associated long term complications. Demographic data ascertains a monstrously large share of almost 70\% of deaths to NCD’s killing more than 36 million people every year. The shifting trend of the global health burden from infectious to non infectious etiologies is an alarming problem and something the future doctors of tomorrow should be prepared for. Hence with the advent of JWC 2019 we intend to disseminate the knowledge and skills needed by undergraduate medical students in tackling the problem that lies ahead. The same is intended to be achieved by the wide selection of Keynote lectures, Panel discussions, Academic programme, hands-on–training through the workshops that JWC-2019 has to offer and our unique medical-MUN.

National Workshop on Bioethics & Good Clinical Research Practice BGCP-2019

SRM Medical College Hospital & Research Centre

Place : Chennai
Date : 01 Jan 2015 - 31 Dec 2015
Organized by the\nDepartment of Clinical Pharmacology & Department of Pharmacology\nIn association with\nIndian Medical Pharmacologists Association (IMPA) About BGCP 2019!Greetings from the Organizing Committee of BGCP 2019! It is a honour and immense pleasure for us to invite you to the National Workshop on Bioethics & Good Clinical Research Practice on April 4-5, 2019 at SRM Medical College. The speakers for the workshop will be from premier institutes and the pharmaceutical industry who have a vast experience in clinical research. \nWhy attend BGCP 2019?1. Clinical research regulations have undergone remarkable changes in recent years. Staying abreast of these developments is absolutely essential\n2. Exclusive sessions on areas with lot of ambiguity such as genetic studies,stem cell research and device trials\n3. Having an annual training is mandatory as per regulatory requirements for all researchers and ethics committee members\n4. TN Medical Council of India (MCI) Credit hours will be awarded


APPI Gujarat State Chapter & AMCMET Medical College

Place : Ahmedabad
Date : 01 Jan 2015 - 31 Dec 2015
On occasion of 12th academic meet, We invite all faculties, residents and post graduate medical students of medical colleges to participate in a multi disciplinary conference/ CME on:\n\nEnvironmental medicine BASICS, APPLIED AND AWARENESS 

IMA Cochin Marathon

Jawaharlal Nehru International Stadium, Kaloor

Place : Kochi
Date : 01 Jan 2015 - 31 Dec 2015
Greetings from IMA Cochin Mini Marathon!! 

National General Assembly 2019

Medical Students Association of India

Place : Chandigarh
Date : 01 Jan 2015 - 31 Dec 2015
HELLO EVERYONE !\n\nThe Organising committee welcomes you to the National General Assembly 2019 held at Chandigarh, conducted by the MEDICAL STUDENTS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA.\nThe national General assembly is one of the most awaited conventions of the year by every MSAIian. The objective of NGA is to develop and build capacity among the existing as well the new members and also train the delegates in various sectors of health-care, ranging from public health to international research and professional exchange, from medical education to entrepreneurship. The training sessions will be facilitated by internationally certified trainers who are competent in their respective arenas.\n\nOrganising this conference has been a great experience. We would also like to thank our wonderful team for their constant help and support, and who are working tirelessly to organize an amazing NGA. We promise that this NGA will be the perfect blend of learning, networking and socializing for every delegate present at the conference.\n\nLooking forward to seeing you all here!\n 

3rd International Course Workshop & Conference on Peritoneal Surface Malignancies Year in Review: Gynecologic Oncology l Colorectal Cancers

R D Choksi Auditorium, Tata Memorial Hospital, Parel, Mumbai

Place : Mumbai
Date : 01 Jan 2015 - 31 Dec 2015
Greetings!!It is our pleasure to invite you to the 3rd ESSO-ESPSO, ISPSM & AGOI International Course, Workshop & Conference along with Year in Review in Gynecological and Colorectal malignancies, organized by the Indian Society of Peritoneal Surface Malignancies (ISPSM) in collaboration with the Association of Gynaecologic Oncologists of India (AGOI), from April, 19-21 at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. \nThe scientific program has been carefully designed to present and discuss the most recent evidence in peritoneal surface malignancies and to review important developments in fields of gynecological and colorectal cancers in last one year. The pre-conference workshop will have a series of lectures covering practical aspects of CRS & HIPEC followed by live surgical demonstration of CRS, HIPEC and PIPEC. The first twenty delegates will also get an opportunity to get hands-on in wetlab. \nThe conference will feature keynote lectures, didactic sessions, panel discussions and satellite symposia. Delegates will get a chance to meet and interact with renowned international and national faculty members. The conference will also provide an opportunity to present original work during oral and poster presentation sessions with exciting awards in both categories. The best oral and poster awardees will receive international HIPEC travel fellowships to an European Centre under the guidance of an international faculty. \nThis conference is intended for gynecological, surgical and medical oncologists, oncology nurses and technicians, perfusionists, pathologists and other healthcare professionals working in the field of gynecological and gastrointestinal cancers. 


Goa Medical College

Place : Goa
Date : 01 Jan 2015 - 31 Dec 2015
Greetings!!Theme : Rational Use of Antibiotics\nGomecon is an annual Pan-India Undergraduate Medical and Paramedical Conference organised by Goa Medical College, Bambolim-Goa. GMC, formerly known as Escola Medico-Cirurgica de Goa, is one of India and Asia's oldest medical institutions.\n\nGomecon was started by the then Honorable Dean Dr. Pradeep Naik to provide an ideal platform for students to interact with and learn from their peers and experts belonging to a plethora of specialities and super specialities.\n\nThe Preconference workshops provide a special opportunity for the students to partake, hands on, in certificate-courses in clinical skills and techniques while being guided by certified experts from across India.\n\nIn its 5th edition, in the year 2019, Gomecon seeks to achieve new heights in the quality and applicability of its workshops and events in order to help the students to take back a mind full of knowledge and experience as well as a heart full of satisfaction and encouragement.\n\nSo, the organising council with great humility feel immensely pleased to invite you, our next generation of doctors, to GOMECON 2019, Goa Medical College and our state of Goa.

Radiology Physics

IMA House

Place : Kochi
Date : 01 Jan 2015 - 31 Dec 2015
Greetings!!\nKREST Kochi is a Radiology based education, support and training platform for promoting interdisciplinary interactions in different specialties of Radiology & Imaging.\n\nIt endeavors to bring the best of the talent and experience in each specialty in a common platform where the passion of those practitioners are sure to inspire you to scale new heights in your career.\n\nKREST Kochi with it's focus on new designs and innovations in radiology training and interdisciplinary discussions has established a niche in the successfully conducted KREST postgraduate training programs with LED wall for better clarity & focus on the images discussed. This much appreciated model encouraged participants.\n\nKREST Kochi is completely in tune with the new age online registrations, information dissemination apps specifically designed for CME purposes.\n 

3rd ISGAR Annual Conference

Indian Society of Gastrointestinal & Abdominal Radiology

Place : Kochi
Date : 01 Jan 2015 - 31 Dec 2015
We are pleased to inform you that preparations for the 3rd ISGAR Conference are well and truly underway. Please block these dates (27, 28 and 29th September 2019) and make yourself free to indulge in a truly wonderful, soul immersing academic and cultural experience.


45th Annual State Conference of Academy of Pediatrics, Gujarat

Place : Udaipur
Date : 01 Jan 2015 - 31 Dec 2015
Academy of Paediatrics proudly presents BANAS GIAPCON 2019 (Basics to Advances, Neonate to Adolescent, Sharing Knowledge for All).  \n\nPediatrics as a speciality has come a long way. It has been more than half a century since Pediatrics earned its rightful place as a distinct branch of medicine. There were reforms and innovations to bring us to this state where in we have a whole gamut of subspecialties to address all health issues of children. However newer and unexpected challenges continue to emerge and we all need to strive hard to find solutions. We at AOP are very excited to announce GIAPCON 2019 to be held in Udaipur in December 2019. We have decided on a very motivating and a meaningful theme – BANAS. Needless to say that last one year we have gone full steam to justify the theme. We have a great pleasure in welcoming you to this conference hosted by Banaskantha Pediatric Association at Udaipur, the city of lakes.

Medical Students Association of India - Registration Drive

International Federation of Medical Students Associations (IFMSA)

Place : New Delhi
Date : 01 Jan 2015 - 31 Dec 2015
MSA India is an organization of, for and by medical students, endeavors to improve medical education, encourage public health awareness and to engage students with global health policy making. Adopted in IFMSA – International Federation of Medical Students Associations as the 100 the Nation Member Organization (NMO) in IFMSA’s 61st General Assembly – March Meeting in Accra, Ghana 2012