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Place : Ahmedabad
Date : 01 Jan 2015 - 31 Dec 2015
“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” -Benjamin Franklin.\n\nAmidst the widespread COVID-19 pandemic which has disrupted our daily activities, there’s one thing which musn’t ever stop; that is, our quest to learn more. Thirst for knowledge is insatiable and is indeed the most appeasing addiction. With all the precautionary measures in place with prime focus on social distancing; our team has sought to make this time period fruitful for everyone.\n\nWEB COLLOQUIUM aims to serve as an interactive learning platform by providing the experience of a medical conference virtually. Experience keynote lectures by reputed doctors, online workshops such as Crime Scene Investigation, engaging activities including Psychoanalysis of House, paper/poster presentations and much more. \nThe Organising Committee hopes this novel initiative garners your interest and the memory of its experience is etched on your mind forever.\n 

EYE-Q 2020

Indian Medical Association Medical Students Network- Puducherry

Place : Puducherry
Date : 01 Jan 2015 - 31 Dec 2015
To all medical students\nTired of keeping your eyes peeled open on the lookout for new activities to keep the boredom at bay ?\nWell here is a little something to get those little gray cells fired up .\nPresenting    EYE-Q a national level undergraduate ophthalmology quiz  conducted by Quizmaster Dr.RAJARATHNA acclaimed ophthalmologist .And for the first time ever a medical quiz on Zoom .\nIMA -MSN Puducherry in association with MARROW and JAYPEE PUBLISHERS\nunder the leadership of  Dr.AVINASH.G( Organzing Chairman and State convenor) and Dr. BARATH GANESH .A ( Organizing and Finance secretary)\n\nPrelims on 11th June\nFinals on 14 th June

Medical Olympics 2020

Christian Medical College & Hospital

Place : Ludhiana
Date : 01 Jan 2015 - 31 Dec 2015
The Olympics are truly a ‘stadium of dreams’, it’s a place where athletes and aspiring youngsters alike have the chance to see their idols perform and gives them something to aspire to. We here at CMC want to take one step at a time and inspire a generation of medical professionals who aspire at providing ‘Medicine for all’.\n\nIn collaboration with Amsa India \n\n\nTo view the Academic Brochure please click Here \n\nTo view the Sports Brochure please click Here

Asian Medical Students’ Association

Asian Medial Students’ Association of India

Place : New Delhi
Date : 01 Jan 2015 - 31 Dec 2015
AMSA India is a full member of Asian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA) International, which is the peak representative organization for medical students from across the Asia-Pacific and beyond. A major aim of AMSA International is to provide enrichment for future doctors from our current 27 members’ national/regional chapters from Asia and around the world. AMSA and its multinational activities serve as platforms for students to share knowledge, undertake activities that benefit local and international communities and create and maintain transnational friendships, thus aiming to further our vision of “Knowledge, Action and Friendship”.

Medical Students Association of India - Registration Drive

International Federation of Medical Students Associations (IFMSA)

Place : New Delhi
Date : 01 Jan 2015 - 31 Dec 2015
MSA India is an organization of, for and by medical students, endeavors to improve medical education, encourage public health awareness and to engage students with global health policy making. Adopted in IFMSA – International Federation of Medical Students Associations as the 100 the Nation Member Organization (NMO) in IFMSA’s 61st General Assembly – March Meeting in Accra, Ghana 2012

18th Annual Conference of the Women\'s Cancer Initiative

Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai

Place : Mumbai
Date : 01 Jan 2015 - 31 Dec 2015
Dear Colleagues & Friends,On behalf of the organizing committee we are delighted to welcome and invite you for the "18th Annual Conference of the Women's Cancer Initiative - Tata Memorial Hospital" to be held from 8th - 11th October 2020, Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai.\n\nThe theme of this conference is distinct from all the past meetings that we’ve had. This year we would focus on data from across Asia. The theme of this conference is ‘Breast Oncology–Asian reflections’. In this meeting, we would be covering original abstracts and clinical outcomes data from centres across Asia. The focus on the clinical outcomes would provide a unique opportunity to understand the challenges and successes for our patients in a real-world setting.\n\nThis conference will be a step towards creating a platform for path-breaking Asian data to be collated and presented. This year we will invite clinicians and researchers across Asia who have presented their work in national and international forums. The data showcased will present us with the unique opportunity for collaboration with each other on several future projects and aid in furthering research objectives from the Asian sub-continent. We aim to showcase robust data assuring audience engagement and fruitful discussions and participants will leave with confidence on practical aspects, implications, and applications relevant to their daily practice.\nWe are inviting abstracts for poster & oral presentations which will give a glimpse of research in this part of the world. The WCI-TMH annual conference has been at the forefront of bringing together the best of the scientific content and as part of this year's program committee, we will put our best foot forward to make this conference worthy of your time.We look forward to your presence and collaboration to make this year's conference a grand success.\nWe welcome you all for this conference that intends to showcase the best practices in breast cancer.

Indian Medical Association - Medical Student Network, TamilNadu

Indian Medical Association

Place : Chennai
Date : 01 Jan 2015 - 31 Dec 2015
Indian Medical Association is the only representative, national voluntary organisation of Doctors of Modern Scientific System of Medicine, which looks after the interest of doctors as well as the well being of the community at large.\n Today, I.M.A. is a well established organisation with it's Headquarters at Delhi and State / Terr. Branches in 32 States and Union Territories. It has over 3,25,000 doctors as its members through more than 1700 local branches spread all over the country.


Indian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons

Place : New Delhi
Date : 01 Jan 2015 - 31 Dec 2015
Greetings from Indian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons\nWe are proud to organise the upcoming ISAPS - AESURG 2021,\nWe invite all faculties, residents, non-residents, ISAPS/IAAPS members and non-member,post graduate medical students to participate in ISAPS - AESURG 2021