Entrepreneurship 101
India's 1st short course on Entrepreneurship exclusively for Doctors.
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About the course

Entrepreneurship 101 is a tailor-made short course to introduce Doctors to the world of business and entrepreneurship. The course begins with an attempt to address the most fundamental question facing any professional: How to start up? Over the 9 lectures, the course covers interesting topics such as How to build a team, How to think about your product or service, How to prepare a Business plan, How to raise funds and How to pitch to investors.
Whether you are a practising doctor looking to take your Clinic/Hospital to the next level or a medical professional actively looking to setup your venture or just curious about the world of startups, this course will provide a solid foundation to start with.
The course includes 10 weekly bulletins on various management topics to complement the video lectures. The participants will be invited to an exclusive Whatsapp group to discuss the latest news, updates and research from the world of startups, health-tech and business and network with like-minded professionals from across the country.

Course Contents

Course Inclusions

9 lectures covering fundamentals of entrepreneurship.
Weekly lecture schedule helps keep your preparation on track.
Access to exclusive Doctor entrepreneurs Whatsapp group to learn and grow.
10 Weekly management bulletins covering important topics.
Unlimited access for 1-years across multiple devices.
Certificate by Medcast on successful course completion.
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Course Co-ordinators

Dr. Rohan Desai
Dr. Rohan Desai
Dr. Rohan Desai is an alumus of IIM Ahmedabad where he pursued his MBA after graduating in Medicine (MBBS). Rohan worked in Management Consulting for a few years where he had the opportunity to advise top healthcare companies (Apollo, Wockhardt, Care, Sahyadri, Dr. Lal and many more) and investment funds (Advent, IDFS, IEP, Mitsui, CDC and others) on a number of engagements. In 2014, along with co-founders Kinnar Shah and Dr. Binal Doshi, Rohan founded PlexusMD to help doctors and students stay updated, learn better and advance their careers. PlexusMD has rapidly grown to become India's #1 learning and career app in Medicine and serves 1.5 lakh doctors and students across the country.
Kinnar Shah
Kinnar Shah
Kinnar Shah is a gold medalist in Computer Engineering from L.D. College of Engineering and an alumnus of SP Jain Institute of Management (Mumbai) where he pursued his MBA in Marketing. While he initiated his career with a large scale FMCG company, a passion for technology and building products led to an entrepreneurial stint with a global events aggregation platform. Since co-founding PlexusMD in 2014, Kinnar has moved through various roles and currently leads Product and Technology. His interests include product design, technology research, UX research, and entrepreneurship.

Doctor Testimonials

Dr. Pragnesh Vachharajani
When I first heard about entrepreneurship 101, it was quite thrilling because I was looking for something similar like this which can guide me in starting a startup. This is a wonderful platform and the lectures taken by Dr. Rohan is excellent.It answers a lot of your queries. There is also an interactive whatsapp group which is supported by PlexusMD which gives you answer to your queries very instantly. I will strongly recommend this course to all the wanna be startups who want to do something in healthcare and in the other sectors also.
Dr. Pragnesh Vachharajani, Family Physician & Healthcare IT Enthusiast.
Dr. Nalini M
As a doctor who has spent a significant part of my life reading mainly medical books, chasing my dream of setting my own diagnostic centre came with significant amount of hurdles. When I was struggling with setting up the centre, E101 came my way. It’s been an exciting journey so far with each lecture bringing on new dimensions and fresh ideas clubbed with real world examples. Filled with innovative strategies, practical approaches, out of the box ideas and an enthusiastic interactive group E101 has been an amazing journey.
Dr. Nalini M, Consultant Pathologist & Associate Professor, RRMCH, Bangalore

Sample Lectures

How to Start-up?
As startups become the new normal and entrepreneurship gets the much needed social acceptance as a formal career choice, many aspiring entrepreneurs have one question: I know I want to start-up, but what do I do next? How exactly do you start out on the entrepreneurial journey? This session provides an easy framework to start thinking about starting-up!
To Sell is Human
Do you know that you are a salesperson? Yes, A salesperson! In fact, all of us are master salespeople. We just don't know it yet or maybe we do but we haven't yet unlocked the immense potential we hold inside us, however, it's about time we explore the art & science of sales. Watch Dr. Rohan M. Desai’s take on this latest knowledge capsule, based on Daniel H. Pink’s: TO SELL IS HUMAN.

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