Safeguard your Practice

Safeguard your Practice

Dear Doctor, we have a little gift for you, a ‘Safe Practice Kit’ to keep you safe from violence and litigation. The kit contains clinic posters (about the ​Medicare Act in ​different state​s)​, ​the top 30 medicolegal tips ​every doctor must know ​and a ​collection of ​127 consent forms​ shared by doctors across the country.

Download, print and use in your daily practice. Be safe.

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The Law that protects you

IPC Poster
Violence against doctors is a non-bailable offence punishable with imprisonment. Sensitise your patients and their relatives about this law by displaying this poster in your waiting area. Available in English, Hindi and regional languages.
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Top 30 Medicolegal tips

ML Tips pdf
A collection of Top 30 Medicolegal Tips every doctor must be aware of. Things to take care of when taking patient's consent. Situations when a doctor can refuse treatment and many other practical tips to avoid facing medicolegal action.
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Consent Form Repository

Consent form
A well-written Consent form helps safeguard you against allegations of medical negligence. Download different template forms for various procedures and situations from this repository created with the help of doctors across India.
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