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According to a recent study carried out in Sweden, the rate of the Self-perceived barriers regarding treatment of asthma among asthmatic patients is considerably high. Asthma is an extensive public health problem, both in Sweden & worldwide. The prevalence is about 10% in Sweden. The disease requires prophylactic & acute treatment, & a large degree of self-management is also involved.

It is an extensive public health problem and inadequate disease control is not uncommon. Individuals’ self-perceived barriers to medical treatment for the entire treatment chain (from seeking care for symptoms to using a medicine) have seldom been studied for chronic diseases such as asthma.

Barriers that emerged were health care accessibility, perceived quality of care, beliefs about medicines, life circumstances, knowledge gap about asthma and medicines, practical obstacles to using medicines, and experiences with treatment.

The results of this study revealed many important factors. Participants expressed a reluctance to take medicines, especially if they contained cortisone. Because of this, one of them had stopped taking the medicine, and the asthma had deteriorated. A lack of knowledge about the necessity of continuous medical treatment affected the use of asthma medicines. Also, the knowledge gap in combination with a lack of symptoms led to non adherence. Whereas, Acute illness and social circumstances impacted on the energy to continue with the medical treatment of asthma.

Source: https://bmcpulmmed.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12890-019-0934-3