'Come back in 2020 for your MRI', Mumbai's largest civic hos
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A Konkan farmer was recently asked by Nair Hospital, Mumbai's largest civic hospital, to come for an MRI scan in 2020 because of the long waiting list of the already overburdened radiology department that facilitates only one MRI scanning equipment. Arun Nar, the 55-year-old farmer, had to discontinue the treatment and go back home.

Nishesh, Nar's son, told Hindustan Times that the doctors of the outpatient department (ODP) of Nair Hospital asked his father to get an MRI scan done for constant leg pain. However, the radiology department of the hospital gave them an appointment for February 15, 2020. Arun returned home immediately as he could not wait for such a long time.

Reportedly, the MRI department of Nair Hospital gets around 50-60 requests for early appointments for quicker diagnosis and treatment on a daily basis. Due to lack of equipment, the hospital can perform only 12-15 MRIs daily.

A resident doctor from Nair Hospital told HT that they feel bad to ask the patients to come after 15-16 months but there is no solution to it. While private hospitals charge Rs 8,000- Rs 15,000 for an MRI scan, Nair Hospital does it for Rs 2,500. The hospital offers discounts and even does the scan for free if the patients can't afford it.

Dean of Nair Hospital Dr Ramesh Bharmal said that urgency is considered when appointments are given but single shifts are also an issue. They have given contact numbers and other details of MRI departments of four periphery hospitals and a trust-run hospital so that the patients can visit there and get the scan done at civic rates.

The KEM Hospital in Parel is at a slightly better situation than Nair Hospital. Here, the appointments are being given after July 25, 2019. However, waiting time at Sion hospital is of three months.

Read more: https://www.timesnownews.com/mirror-now/civic-issues/article/come-back-in-2020-for-your-mri-mumbais-largest-civic-hospital-tells-patient/331059
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