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Dr. Vinayak Hiremath
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We have lot of updates untill now so let’s put into ???????????? . As we are the ?????????’? in the fight against the new corona virus, we all are directly or indirectly dealing with Covid19 patients by now.

???’? ??? ?????? ???? ??? ????????(&??????) ?? ??? ?????? ??????????????.So just highlighting few points on how to take care of ourselves in this pandemic.

These are my way of dealing this pandemic.Sharing with you all out of love & care for my professors seniors and friends

*What steps I am following?*

1)I usually start my day with ???-? supplements atleast 500-1000mg before breakfast.By now we know it’s role in lung diseases/ARDS/shock and for immunity, yet a lot to be discovered about this vitamin.You can either depend on supplements or natural fruits.
B͟e͟l͟o͟w͟ ͟a͟r͟e͟ ͟t͟h͟e͟ ͟r͟e͟l͟a͟t͟e͟d͟ ͟r͟e͟s͟e͟a͟r͟c͟h͟ ͟l͟i͟n͟k͟s͟.͟


2)After my breakfast I pop up ???-? supplements, I take 2500IU/day even though the daily recommended dose is on lower side I feel it’s better to take the higher dose until we deal with this pandemic since we all are definitely low in vitamin d levels.
*why I do this?*
As we all know it’s role in preventing the respiratory illnesses and boosting the immune system response to infections.
P͟l͟e͟a͟s͟e͟ ͟r͟e͟a͟d͟ ͟t͟h͟i͟s͟ ͟a͟r͟t͟i͟c͟l͟e͟ ͟

3)Then, I also take ?-?????? ???????? 600mg two times.
*Why do I do this ??*
We all know it’s antioxidant property and helping liver to get rid of toxins and improve the cell mediated immunity.
P͟l͟e͟a͟s͟e͟ ͟r͟e͟a͟d͟ ͟t͟h͟i͟s͟ ͟a͟r͟t͟i͟c͟l͟e͟ ͟f͟o͟r͟ ͟f͟u͟r͟t͟h͟e͟r͟ ͟d͟e͟t͟a͟i͟l͟s͟


4)Then, I take supplements of ????????? 500mg bd.
*Why do I do this?*
It’s an Natural zinc ionophore which has showed significant results invitro previously for the same class of viruses and the new theory of zinc inhibiting the covid19 , Naturally found in onions and mangoes to an extent,
Then in the evening I take ???? 40mg daily..
p͟l͟e͟a͟s͟e͟ ͟r͟e͟a͟d͟ ͟t͟h͟i͟s͟ ͟p͟a͟p͟e͟r͟ ͟f͟o͟r͟ ͟f͟u͟r͟t͟h͟e͟r͟ ͟d͟e͟t͟a͟i͟l͟s͟

5)Few points on Personal Protection

When I start from home I put two layers of clothes walk to my car, I have 5 important things in my car
Brown covers/Wipes/Garbage bags/Surgical masks/Hand sanitizer
I use surgical mask when I am driving. When I reach my hospital I take out the surgical mask and wear N-95 mask provided from hospital and cover it with my surgical mask on top..And attend my opds..!
We have separate fever opds(for suspected cases) And when am going for rounds I will be using PPE if any suspected cases are admitted or when I am entering ICU,
Then once I finish my duty I come out I discard the surgical mask, pick the brown cover from car & put my n-95 mask which I will be using only after 3days after disinfecting.. then I take out my first layer of cloth and put in garbage bag in the car then wipe my shoes with wipes, hand sanitize & then I enter my car(I don’t want to infect my car) den I drive back home..

Once I reach home I take the garbage bag and my another layer of clothes altogether will go to washing machine with high temperature then I’ll go for shower.

6)I want to highlight few points about shower.

The way I take shower is 5mins of hot water then 1 min of cold water Followed by 3 mins of hot water and 1 min of cold alternatively for total 14mins
??? ? ?? ???? ?
Various studies from 100yrs of last pandemic have highlighted hydrotherapy and it’s effect on building immunity

p͟l͟e͟a͟s͟e͟ ͟d͟o͟ ͟r͟e͟a͟d͟ ͟t͟h͟i͟s͟ ͟


7)Last but not least I’ll make sure tat
I ????? for 7-8hrs in night
Why ?
It’s important to build immunity.

P͟l͟e͟a͟s͟e͟ ͟r͟e͟a͟d͟ ͟t͟h͟i͟s͟ ͟f͟o͟r͟ ͟f͟u͟r͟t͟h͟e͟r͟ ͟u͟n͟d͟e͟r͟s͟t͟a͟n͟d͟i͟n͟g͟ ͟

This are just few of reference and research articles I have provided
There are plenty of available if interested to know further in detail can ping me.

Take care again. These are my routines. Thought it would help to put in practise for each one of us.

With love and regards

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