? Fever 🤒 Everyday whatever may be ur speciality u will al
Dr. Atul Chowdhury
? Fever 🤒
Everyday whatever may be ur speciality u will always meet a patient complaining of fever so it’s very much important for both doctors and patients to know the definition of fever . In my peripheral service during my MBBS I have got a number of patient with chief complain of fever for 1 month, 2 month even 6 month .

So what should we do at that time ?

It may be PYREXIA OF UNKNOWN ORIGIN . Before stamping it as PUO there must be presence of fever.

Fever according to recent Harrison’s principle of internal medicine AM temperature must be > 98.9 F and PM temperature >99.9 F.

So we should advice a temperature chart minimum 5 times such that 6AM ,10AM, 2PM, 6PM,10PM..

Most of the time after observation it has been that they hv actually no fever just generalise weakness and body ache..but they are already treated as malaria then typhoid then UTI and then the cycle 🚲 continuing .

Dr Atul Chowdhury
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