? Important signs of some common cancers In previous art
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Dr. Atul Chowdhury
? Important signs of some common cancers

In previous articles we talked about cancer and how it happens. In this article we will talk about the most important initial symptoms of some common cancers! It is worth mentioning that if cancer is discovered in the early stages can be controlled and sometimes fully treated, giving the patient a normal life after diagnosis. In other times, the patient can get many more years through the control of the disease, but unfortunately, most people in the late countries do not go to the work of periodic checks and there is no health system that provides periodic examination or early detection does not consult the doctor until the situation worsens and here be Diagnosis is late and chances of survival are limited. Here highlights the role and importance of health culture and medical access to diagnosis and early detection. I spoke with many people in the Arab world and I see some lazy from the work of periodic checks and some see it expensive! Here I would like to point out that yes you will go to periodic check-ups and most often will be healthy, but if these tests helped in the early detection of a tumor you would have saved tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in the cost of treatment or as if you have bought yourself ten or twenty years of age Just imagine the importance .. And another example you go to maintain your car check periodically, why skimp on your body? And I remember that the big difference is early detection !! Here are a number of common cancers and early screening methods!

?1. Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in women. About one in eight women develop breast cancer during their lifetime, according to British statistics. Women are advised to check periodically to examine breasts and armpits and if they feel the presence of severe lumps should see a specialist doctor for examination. Young women aged 20-30 often feel lumps before the course and are usually benign but there is no harm in seeing a doctor. At ages 45 and over, you should see a doctor when you feel stiff lumps. Here, in Britain, every woman aged between 50 and 70 does a mammogram or mammogram every 3 years. If there are significant lumps in the rays, they are sent to the thoracic specialist. So you should go to the nearest specialized center for a regular mammogram. If you have relatives of the first degree have been diagnosed with this disease, such as the mother or sister, you should begin the examinations at a much younger age and see a specialist doctor may need some genetic tests and may be a preventive breast lift.
?2. Lung cancer is one of the most common cancers. Unfortunately, there is no routine screening for early diagnosis of lung cancer. But since prevention is better than cure (a million times !!!) you should quit smoking immediately before regret. Smoking of all kinds as some people believe that shisha is less harmful and this is not true. Being in smoking areas, even if you are not a smoker, also increases your risk of lung cancer. After prevention there are signs of early detection, including persistent coughing or blood coming out with coughing. These signs should go to the nearest doctor and perform a scan and if there is any indication of the presence of a foreign object in the lung, you will be sent to the competent doctor for other tests such as X-ray chest X-Ray Bronchoscopy or CT scan and others. Note smoking in the car in the presence of children kind of crime in my opinion!
?3. Skin cancer: This cancer is frequent in sunny states and when people with light skin. Australia is one of the top countries to record these cancers. Here, if you have a mole in the skin and started to grow or change shape or size or began to bleed blood, it could be a type of skin cancer called melanoma Melanoma. You should see a specialist dermatologist to examine and take a sample. Or if a skin scar or ulcer appears, this may be a second type of skin cancer. To prevent this cancer should not be exposed to the sun for long hours and if this is done you must wear appropriate clothing and the use of skin protection creams especially if you are light skin or white
?4. Prostate cancer in men: common cancers. Most men over the age of 65 feel difficult and slow in their adrar. Here, most of these cases are the result of benign prostatic hyperplasia, but in some cases, inflation is cancerous. To know this, a simple PSA blood test can be performed, and its ratio can be monitored. Here if the detection at the beginning can cure cancer full cure !! Do not ignore the symptoms of difficulty urine or blood with urine. Men over the age of 45 must perform this test every year over the age of 50. If you have first-degree relatives who have had this cancer, see your doctor. You may save your life by early detection
?5. Bladder or kidney cancer: No early detection. The mark you are looking for if blood is found with urine or if urine changes color to dark orange for more than a week. People who work in certain chemicals and dyes are more susceptible to infection
?6. Colon and stomach cancer: There is no early detection, but if you feel a change in the nature of the exit, either in terms of time periods or the nature of the faeces or blood with the faeces or the color of the faeces or began to lose weight without a justified reason or reduced your appetite to eat, see a specialist doctor may need a nador process to take Samples. To prevent the grill, especially red meat and more vegetables.
?7. Brain cancers Here symptoms vary depending on the location of the brain cancer. In general, if you notice or notice people around you severe change in personality or you have been diagnosed with mental illness must be a brain scanner. If you lose the ability to work one of the parties or you lose the ability to do simple tasks such as confusion or the use of eating tools or driving the car, you should see a doctor directly. If you feel a long-term headache with persistent pressure behind the eyes and a feeling of nausea, see a specialist doctor and if diagnosed cases of epilepsy, especially in the later stages of age. Note that most headaches are the result of stress and very few is the result of tumors. However, it is okay to see a doctor if the situation is ongoing and there is nothing wrong with the work of a detective to ascertain if the degree of doubt is high.
?8. Cervical cancer is a common cancer in women. Nearly 3,000 people are diagnosed with age in the UK, especially between the ages of 25-45. A specialist examination should be taken from the cervix every 3 years and after the age of 45 every 5 years and less likely after the age of 65
?9. Blood cancers: occur at any age and their symptoms vary depending on the type of cancer, but in general the patient feels general weakness and lack of immunity. Pallor can be observed in color. Generally a simple periodic blood test helps to detect early
This is certainly only a simple and concise survey of the subject and not a detailed article. The goal is to spread health awareness and the importance of prevention first and then early detection secondly before it is too late. With good wishes for everyone
Please publish this article to benefit the largest number of people may contribute to saving the lives of someone !!
Dr Atul Chowdhury
Rapid Action Force
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