? Prolapse intervertebral disc It is the degeneration or p
Dr. Atul Chowdhury
? Prolapse intervertebral disc

It is the degeneration or protrusion of Intervertebral disc leading to compression of nerve root causing back pain and radiating pain

The different stages and are as below...

1. Disc degeneration
2. Disc protrusion
3. Disc extrusion
4. Disc sequestration

Clinical methods to diagnose

1. Complain of backache with radiating pain
3. Reverse SLRT

Localisation of site

It is the involvement of dermatome just below the site of disc like S1 in L5 n S1 intervertebral disc.

Investigation of choice



1. Rest
2. LS belt
3. Analgesic
4. Drug like gabapentin, pregabalin, nortryptiline
5. Physiotherapy
6. Calcium and VIT D supplement in elderly
7. Surgery like discetomy, widening of neural foramina by endoscopic approach.
Dr Atul Chowdhury
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