#CaseThursday: Rare Case of Choking Death by Dispersible Tab
Choking is a form of asphyxia caused by an obstruction within the air passage. Complete obstruction of the windpipe is not required to cause death by choking. The deaths typically are peaked at the extreme of age with young children and the elderly having the greatest rate of fatal choking.

Aspiration of a foreign body is common in children and cause upper airway obstruction leading to significant morbidity and mortality. In most of cases, death is due to mechanical obstruction of airway. However, in some cases, death may be due to reflex spasm of respiratory tract or may be brought about by neurogenic cardiac arrest.

Herein a case report of choking death following oral administration of Nimesulide Dispersible Tablet in a young child suffering from pyrexia is reported. Let's know more about it in the below presentation.

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