#Flash: Chewing gum after cardiac surgery may aid gut functi
Chewing gum may aid in accelerating gut function among patients who received cardiac surgery. The researchers hypothesized chewing gum would stimulate the digestive system through mimicking food consumption when food and drink are not actually digested, preventing ileus. Researchers enrolled 341 patients in 1st group who initiated the sugarless chewing gum protocol after cardiac surgery. The 2nd group included 496 patients who did not initiate the sugarless chewing gum protocol after cardiac surgeries. There were only two patients in the 1st group who experienced postoperative ileus compared with 17 patients (3.43%) in the 2nd group. "Given the minimal risk and extremely trivial cost of the intervention, the incorporation of chewing gum following cardiac surgery should be strongly considered as a new standard of care," said researchers.

Source: https://www.sts.org/media/news-releases/chewing-gum-after-heart-surgery-may-help-relieve-gut-problems
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