#Flash: First Case Of Gaisbock Syndrome Reported In India
A 73-year-old hypertensive was found to have new-onset polycythemia during his routine health check up. A workup revealed no evidence of polycythemia rubra vera or a secondary cause of his polycythemia (his erythropoietin level was normal, he had no splenomegaly, and a test for JAK2 v617F mutation was negative). Over the next year of follow up, his hematological profile returned to normal levels. It can be concluded that this patient had Gaisbock’s syndrome, a relative polycythemia that occurs when there is clinically evident contraction of the intravascular fluid space (plasma volume) in smokers and people who received diuretics.

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For more details please read here: https://japi.org/x294c494/gaisbocks-syndrome-a-case-stud
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