#Flash: Sexual violence has been linked to an increased risk
Patients who experienced sexual violence during their lifetime had a higher risk of adverse cardiovascular outcomes later on, according to a presentation during the North American Menopause Society (NAMS) virtual meeting. Researchers observed a stronger effect of sexual abuse starting in childhood compared with violence that occurred for the first time during adulthood. These findings underscored the potential long-term health impacts of childhood trauma, but future research is needed to assess how the timing and frequency of sexual violence further impact health risks. Researchers analyzed 45 studies including 830,000 adults that explored the relationship between cardiovascular disease and exposure to sexual violence. All studies included a measure of sexual violence, including sexual abuse or assault, military sexual trauma, or sexual harassment, or sexual intimate partner violence, and analyzed at least one adverse cardiovascular outcome.

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For more information please read here:https://www.jcpconline.org/article.asp?issn=2250-3528;year=2021;volume=10;issue=3;spage=112;epage=116;aulast=Choudhary
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