#MDTalks: What's your weirdest experience as a medical stude
In the life of a doctor, there are certain things about life that no mere mortal could understand. Some find it hard to process the fact that you quite enjoyed holding that moist kidney in the palm of your hand, some have no idea about the struggles of the night shift, and no one truly recognizes the inner-torment that comes with being able to self-diagnose.

Sometimes, it can be a lonely road full of hectic jargon only other medics can possibly understand, and you wind up feeling even more comfortable in the Anatomy Lab, with nothing to keep you company but a host of ice-cold corpses.

What's your weirdest experience as a medical student?

Share your experiences in the comment section below.
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S●●●●●h G●●●a
S●●●●●h G●●●a General Medicine
My whole frst year was so weird that sometimes normal seemed weird to me...😆😆 But overall it was gud.
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S●●●●●i G●●●l
S●●●●●i G●●●l General Medicine
When i held the brain specimen in my hands in the dissection hall, I just felt it was not just an organ i m holding but a persons whole life' s memories, emotions, skills, experiences, believes, knowledge. Every bit of life he lived was there - right in my hands. It was the weirdest feeling for me which got the chills in my spine.
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Dr. A●●●●●a S●●a
Dr. A●●●●●a S●●a Dentistry
Everything is weird when you are in a medical college...!! 😂😂
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