1 Covid-19 vaccine shot offers virtually no shield: Hospital
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A single vaccine dose does not offer significant protection against symptomatic or severe Covid-19 infections, a study conducted by a leading private hospital in Delhi suggests. The study is based on Covid infections among healthcare workers at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital from March 1 to May 31 this year, during the deadly second wave.

Dr Ruma Satwik, the lead author of the study, told their study on vaccine effectiveness revealed that a single dose offered very little protection against symptomatic infections or any outcome of interest, that is, the risk of developing severe symptoms or death due to Covid-19. 6 Died Of Covid At SGRH In 3 Mths, 5 Were Unvaccinated. One Employee Had Got Single Vaccine Dose.

As per the study, the incidence of symptomatic infection in healthcare workers who had received a single dose of the vaccine was 12.3%, as compared to 13.9% in the unvaccinated group. Around 2% of the partially vaccinated study subjects developed moderate to severe disease and 0.7% required supplemental oxygen therapy on contracting Covid-19. In comparison, 3.3% of the unvaccinated healthcare workers developed moderate to severe disease and 1.7% required supplemental oxygen therapy.

The study included 4,296 healthcare workers employed at SGRH. Of them, Dr Satwik said, 2,716 had received two doses of Covishield, 623 had received a single dose of the vaccine and 937 were not vaccinated as on April 30. There were 20 others who had received either Covaxin or Pfizer, and they were not included in the study.

Between March 1 and May 31, the doctor said, 526 out of 4276 (13%) healthcare workers tested positive for Covid-19, of which 2% were asymptomatic, 82% had mild symptoms, 10% had moderate symptoms and 5% had severe disease. Six healthcare workers died due to Covid-19, of which five were unvaccinated and one had received a single dose of the vaccine. There were no mortalities among the fully-vaccinated healthcare workers.

The vaccine effectiveness for two doses of Covishield given at a median interval of 30 days was 28% for symptomatic infections, 67% for moderate to severe disease, 76% for supplemental oxygen therapy and nearly 97% for deaths. However, several healthcare workers did get infected and developed symptoms despite being fully vaccinated.

Previous infection with SARS-CoV-2 was significantly protective against all studied outcomes, a new study has found. The findings of the SGRH study have been published in the letters to the editor column of the European Journal of Internal Medicine. Previous infection offered higher protection than that offered by single or double dose of the vaccine.