1 lakh Covid-19 tests daily; mortality rate among lowest in
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India can do 1 lakh Covid-19 tests per day, the country's Covid-19 mortality rate is one of the lowest in the world at 3.2 per cent, said Union health minister Dr Harsh Vardhan.

Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan's comments as of 12 May 2020:

• "Recovery rate is at 31.7%"

• "Mortality rate is almost the lowest in the world, around 3.2% (whereas global fatality rate is around 7-7.5 %)"

• "I had earlier said that we will increase our testing capacity to 1 lakh tests per day by May 31. Now, we can do 1 lakh Covid-19 tests daily"

• "86,191 tests were done on May 11"

• "There are 347 government labs and 137 private labs in the country (In February, we had only one lab NIV Pune)"

• "76.42 lakh N95 masks and 40.18 lakh PPE kits have been supplied in the country"

• "There are 880 dedicated Covid hospitals having the capacity of 1,77,498 beds"

• "2,058 Covid health centres with capacity of 1,32,746 beds"

• "For asymptotic patients, there are 5,424 Covid care centres which have the facility of 4.73 lakh patients"

• "8,147 quarantine centres have been developed in the country"

Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/india-can-do-1-lakh-covid-19-tests-daily-mortality-rate-among-lowest-in-world-harsh-vardhan/articleshow/75697066.cms
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When will the tests be available to the common man for the asking, at reasonable rates? It is very expensive at present, costing ₹ 5000/ test, if done privately.
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