1,000 Ayurveda doctors to join govt health centres
The first batch of nearly 1,000 ayurveda doctors have cleared a six-month 'bridge course' that will allow them to provide basic treatment using modern medicine at state-run health and wellness centres (HWC). The candidates, designated as mid-level health providers (MHLP), have been handed over joining letters for 850 functional HWCs.

Under Ayushman Bharat, Maharashtra plans to convert its 10,600 sub-centres into HWCs by 2022. At HWCs , patients can get treatment for 12 health issues-from non-communicable diseases, mother and child health, family planning, contraceptive services to basic emergency services. The state plans to hire an MHLP for each wellness centre that will be attached to a higher primary health centre (PHC).

The batch has joined the state's medical set-up at a time when a debate is raging at the Centre over allowing dentists to work as MHLPs at the wellness centres too. After initially allowing only ayurveda graduates to get enrolled in the bridge course, the state has decided to allow even Unanis, BSC nursing graduates and community health degree holders for subsequent batches.

Dr. Anup Yadava, commissioner (health services), said the state plans to hire over 10,000 MHLPs by 2022. "The mid-level workers will tackle the epidemic of non-communicable diseases such as hypertension and blood pressure, and ensure that people are detected and treated early," he said. "With HWC, we will have one fully functional health centre for a population of 5,000," he said. "Besides functional knowledge of pharmacology, the candidates have been given hands-on training to deal with basic emergencies," he said. The training was followed by an exit exam too.

Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/mumbai/1000-ayurveda-doctors-to-join-govt-health-centres/articleshow/69001677.cms
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There is no awareness among people about Ayurvedic practice and its cure and advantage.....so there pathy is failing...because of such insecurities...Ayurvedic docs are rushing to allopathy...govt is failing here...why then at first place govt started ayurvedic colleges..if govt itself destroying there pathy by converting them into another..there are enough mbbs docters i myself working in periphery.
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Dr. S●●●n R●●t
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Will give rise to quackery and fee splitting !! Like if you agree to that.
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Dr. A●●●●t Y●●●●r
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We are witnessing death of medicine in this country!!!!!!!
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