103-year-old patient undergoes successful stenting procedure
A 103-year-old patient underwent a successful stenting procedure at the Advanced Cardiac Centre (ACC) in PGIMER

This was the oldest patient in the history of the department and also one of the oldest in the world, as doctors claim.

Talking about the case, Dr Himanshu Gupta, assistant professor in ACC who did the procedure, said that the patient was admitted with a complaint of chest pain and breathlessness. After investigations, it was found that two of his heart vessels were critically blocked. Dr Gupta informed that the treatment of these kind of patients becomes very high risk and difficult as the blockages become very hard due to advanced age and very friable blood vessels.

He said special techniques and equipment are required to treat such blockages. He added that the kidney functions in this age group of patients are also compromised and extreme caution must be exerted while performing these kinds of cases.

The department of cardiology in PGIMER is very well equipped to handle all types of complex cases commented, prof Yashpaul Sharma, head of the department at ACC who also was supervising the case. Both arteries were stented in the same procedure. The patient did absolutely fine after the procedure and was discharged after two days of the procedure with a very good cardiac function. The cardiologists emphasised that very elderly patient can undergo safe angioplasty and hence we should not ignore the problems of very elderly patients and should have a positive mindset to treat them.

Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/chandigarh/chandigarh-103-year-old-patient-undergoes-successful-stenting-procedure-at-pgimer/articleshow/70716464.cms
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A very Happy News. The comments of the Doctors at Pgimer are Laudable. We must attempt to help the elderly,especially if surgical intervention is necessary.
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