12 Medicos/Doctors get together to perform Stand-up Comedy o
Dr. Jagdish Chaturvedi
12 Medicos/Doctors get together to perform Stand-up Comedy on 24th August, Atta Galata, Koramangala to give you your dose of laughter, straight from the Doctors themselves.

Don't miss this unique concept show called "Doctors Do Comedy"

24th August, Saturday
Atta Galata Koramangala Bangalore
7 30 PM
INR 99 Only


The following will perform along with Dr. Jagdish Chaturvedi, who will host the show

1. Dr. Srinath Bhat - Doctor
2. Dr. Allwyn Joseph - Anesthesiologist
3. Nishanth Honna - Medical Student
4. Deepti V Hesarur - Medical Student
5. Rahul Tiwari - Medical Student
6. Dr. Nihal Handigol - Doctor
7. Mahima A Mehta - Dental Student
8. Dr. Rahul Nirmale - Emergency Medicine Resident
9. Dr. Mayur Tuteja - Doctor
10. Aditya Sharma - Medical Student

A special headlining act will be performed by reknowned Dermatologist, Theatre personality and Comedian Dr. Anil Abraham

Guest performances by established comedians Dr. Aditya Shridhar, Kaushal Dayani & Bindu Rao

Note - Though the show is being performed by Doctors, the jokes are not necessarily going to be related to the medical field. The show is open for anyone who enjoys a good laugh.

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