157 Medical Colleges Under Different Stages Of Implementatio
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A total of 157 medical colleges are under different stages of implementation in various parts of the country, Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan informed the Rajya Sabha. He said 58 of these colleges are in the first phase of the implementation, 24 in the second phase, and 75 colleges, which were announced recently, in the third phase.

Besides, there were 50,000 medical college seats in the country till 2014 and after that, in the last over six years, 30,000 additional medical college seats have been created. Vardhan noted that the National Medical Commission is also assessing the total number of medical colleges and seats required in the country, adding that the government will make its policies accordingly.

So far, 22 All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) have been sanctioned under the Modi government. Out of these, 16 AIIMS have been in different stages of implementation for the last seven years. The health minister said the Narendra Modi government, in its second tenure, sanctioned 75 medical colleges in various states of the country.

These are preferably in the aspirational districts and areas where the most deprived people live and where there is no medical college either in the private or government sector. All these 75 medical colleges have been finalized and notified, the minister said, adding that the Centre supports 60 percent of the budget expenditure on these colleges.

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