17 doctors at VS General Hospital turn TB patients in Ahmeda
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In what has, quite shockingly, not raised the red flag yet, as many as 17 PG resident doctors who worked with VS General Hospital and are now with SVP Hospital, have been infected with tuberculosis in the past one-and-a-half years. Four of those were infected with the deadlier drug resistant TB, also known as ‘Ebola with wings’, and are under medication; four others were infected as recently as March, sources told Ahmedabad Mirror.

The fact that there is no separate ward for TB in the old hospital is seen as one of the major reasons behind the rise in cases among doctors.

Most of the doctors infected are from the 2017 batch of post-graduate residents while half a dozen are studying surgery, orthopaedics and anaesthesia. Besides, long work hours, filthy staff quarters and lack of good food are the other reasons, complain the doctors.

A student said, "There was no separate ward for TB patients and they were treated in the general ward. So the doctors too contracted the disease. Four of my colleagues were infected with drug resistant TB in which the treatment can prolong till 20 months."

How can we improve the doctor's safety? Please express your views in the comment section below!

Read more: https://ahmedabadmirror.indiatimes.com/ahmedabad/cover-story/17-doctors-at-vs-turn-tb-patients/articleshow/69550085.cms
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Dr. r●j s●●●●r
Dr. r●j s●●●●r Internal Medicine
Friends very sad to hear the news please keep yourself safe later the patients. Inform the superiors to take the action immediately. Even though serving patients is our 1st duty we should also take care of ourselves.
May 30, 2019Like1
Dr. V●●●●●●●●●n V●●●●●●●●n
Dr. V●●●●●●●●●n V●●●●●●●●n General Surgery
Very sad and unfortunate incident. The hospital should be competitive enough to provide quality infrastructure and be ahead of the times in terms of providing a suitable environment. If the doctors treating patients are getting infected from a communicable disease then it has to be addressed immediately.
May 31, 2019Like2
Dr. M●●●●a A●●●●●●●●●●●a
Dr. M●●●●a A●●●●●●●●●●●a Physiotherapy
It' s very sad to hear.. cleanlinnes is also important to avoid contamination
Jun 24, 2019Like