17 week Uterine Rupture : A case report

Uterine rupture occurs when there is complete or partial separation of the uterine wall. It is associated with increased morbidity and mortality for both the mother and the infant.


A pregnant woman presents to the emergency room complaining of two weeks of abdominal pain at 17 weeks gestation. She was evaluated in an outlying emergency department when she became unstable and was transferred to a tertiary care center. A bedside ultrasound as well as commuted tomography revealed an extrauterine fetus, and she was taken to the operating room for exploratory laparotomy...
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Had exactly similar case , but primi at 30wks, no history of previous surgery , and trauma.Similar presentation but no bleeding per vagina.Diagnosed on scan,Laprotomy showed fetus & placenta completely expelled into abdomen.Exactly similar site of Rupture.
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