19 supernumerary teeth in a non-syndromic patient
Supernumerary teeth occur frequently in human dentition, but presence of multiple supernumerary teeth in patients without any associated syndrome or systemic disorder is a rare phenomenon. Presence of supernumerary teeth in itself is not a problem and may not require removal in all cases but in certain conditions, they may be associated with several clinical complications and require removal.

Published in the Indian Journal of Dentistry, the authors present a case of a 14 year old female who complained of non emergence of permanent teeth. Orthopantomogram initially showed presence of fifteen impacted supernumerary teeth distributed in all quadrants, but later, cone-beam computed tomography further revealed four additional teeth, totaling to nineteen supernumerary teeth.

Consultation with concerned specialists ruled out any syndromes or systemic disorders which led us to the diagnosis of ''non-syndromic multiple supernumerary teeth'' and this probably is the highest number of supernumerary teeth reported in a single non-syndromic patient till date.

Read in detail here: https://pxmd.co/C6MTL
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