#1MinRead: Tramadol has an almost similar local anesthetic e
A study was conducted to evaluate the efficacy of tramadol as a local anesthetic effect. Fifty patients were evaluated. Group A gave tramadol and Group B was given lignocaine. Parameters such as pain on injection, the onset of action, duration of effect, and side effects if any were recorded. None of the patients showed any allergic response to the respective drug administered. The onset of anesthesia (objective) for tramadol and lignocaine was, respectively, 165.0 ± 39.80 s and 159.60 ± 35.09 s, not statistically significant. The mean duration of anesthesia for them was 47.50 ± 7.51 min for tramadol and 45.70 ± 7.10 min for lignocaine, also statistically nonsignificant. Regarding intraoperative pain, the mean was 0.41 ± 1.013 of tramadol, and of lignocaine was 0.31 ± 0.451, also being statistically nonsignificant. Two patients receiving tramadol had nausea and 1 had pain. Of those receiving lignocaine, only 1 patient had pain. Tramadol has an almost similar local anesthetic efficacy to that of lignocaine.

Source: http://www.ijds.in/article.asp?issn=0976-4003;year=2021;volume=13;issue=3;spage=175;epage=177;aulast=Basu