2 People Underwent Oesophageal Reconstruction After Mistaken
Two people, who had accidentally consumed sanitiser a few months ago, underwent oesophageal reconstructive surgeries in New Delhi. The patients, a 24-year-old man from Karnataka and a 20-year-old woman from Kashmir, underwent operations recently after their unfortunate episodes. Food pipe and other organs of the patients were "significantly damaged" due to accidental consumption of corrosive substances. Both the patient had odynophagia after the incident One examination, Man’s oesophagus showed complete scarring and obstruction of the entire food pipe and portion of the small intestine and stomach. The other patient was unable to swallow even her saliva and had lost a lot of weight as she was unable to eat anything. A new food passage was constructed in both these patients. Patients have recovered very well and are now able to eat normal food, said doctors.

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