20% COVID-19 Recovered Patients Reported a New Disability Af
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It’s been more than a year now that the world is in the grip of novel coronavirus. Vaccines were introduced but still, the fear and chances of getting infected are lingering. To add more to the already existing woes, a recent report has revealed that most of the patients who were hospitalized with COVID-19 did not recover fully even five months after getting discharged.

For the study, the researchers analyzed 1,077 COVID-19 patients who were discharged by the hospital bodies between March 2020 to November 2020. Study reports say that most of them did not recover completely and suffered a new disability. The study also added that most of these patients were suffering from other chronic diseases such as asthma or diabetes. The patients also complained of huge anxiety and depression.

Some of the other health complications that the recovered patients were suffering from were — impaired cognitive function, reduced brain capacity to function. Here Are Some Of The Symptoms Recovered COVID-19 Patients May Experience:

These symptoms are sometimes very much similar to some of the other diseases too. But, still when you see these among the patients who have been discharged by the hospital after recovering from COVID-19, make sure to not ignore them.

~ Acute Muscle Pain
It can be concerning if a person is suffering from acute muscle pain for a long time. Specially COVID recovered patients should keep a check if they are experiencing constant muscle pain.

~ Extreme Fatigue
Fatigue is a very important symptom that can suggest the recurrence of COVID-19 among those who have recently recovered from the virus infection.

~ Short-Term Memory Loss
A recovered patient can also suffer from major memory loss issues. Keep a close check on this particular symptom as it may turn fatal for a few.

~ Lack Of Memory Power
A person may also suffer from slow memory power post-COVID-19 treatment. The person’s thinking power may also get affected.

~ Apart from all the above symptoms, one may also suffer from body ache, chronic headache, breathing issues, etc.

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