21 km In 30 minutes: Hyderabad Metro Train Transports Live H
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For the first time, a heart harvested from a brain dead man for transplant in a needy patient was transported in a metro train in Hyderabad on Feb.16. The Hyderabad Metro Rail created a green corridor between Nagole and Jubilee Hills check post stations. The special train carrying the heart harvested from a 45 -year old left Nagole at around 4 pm and reached Jubilee Hills, in less than half-an-hour, covering the stretch of 21 km.

Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited MD NVS Reddy stated that it is for the first time that such a train was run to transport a heart to save a life. "The special train which started from Nagole Metro station had picked up the healthy heart from a brain-dead patient in Kamineni hospital at around 4.40 PM and paced through the entire stretch of 21 kilometres nonstop," Reddy said.

"A team of medical experts travelled along with the heart in this special train". "It took 30 minutes for the train to reach Jubilee Hills check post station. An ambulance was kept ready at Jubilee Hills check post station to take the heart to Apollo hospital, he added. An ambulance kept ready at the Jubilee Hills station took the vital organ to the Apollo Hospitals, where it would be transplanted in a 44-year old man.

"Kudos to Hyderabad Metro Rail for making every heartbeat matter. In a first, a special passenger-free green corridor enabled a train to cover 21 kms in 30 mts to transport a live heart between two hospitals to save a precious human life," Union Minister Hardeep Singh Puri tweeted.

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