22 yr old male began experiencing colored dots of light in h
Rupali Bhan
22 yr old male began experiencing colored dots of light in his field of vision, on and off from the past 2 years with no exacerbating or relieving factors, with each episode lasting for nearly a minute or so. Visual acuity is 6/6 in both eyes, IOP is within normal range and no visual field defects detected on perimetry. Indirect Ophthalmoscopy and OCT have revealed the presence of optic disc cupping and thinning of the macula. B-Scan USG was normal except for the presence of floaters. A small choroidal nevus was also present in the temporal part of the left eye, as seen on indirect ophthalmoscopy. Patient is red-green color blind with family history of color blindness (mother). Kindly suggest DDx for the case, and further plan of action
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R●●●●i B●●n General Medicine
A MRI of the optic nerve and brain was also done to rule out non-glaucomatous causes of the optic disc cupping and thinning, but did not reveal any abnormalities. Kindly suggest any other DDx for the case as explained. Thank You and Kind Regards!
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Dr. S●●●●i D●●●i
Dr. S●●●●i D●●●i Ophthalmology
Visual auras can be seen with migraine but as everything is normal, it can be an entoptic phenomenon(must have started noticing)..
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I had also discussed the possibility of entoptic phenomenon with the patient, however recently the mother of the patient underwent investigation and was found to have optic disc cupping and macular thinning also. As already mentioned, both the patient and his mother are colorblind. Does this imply the presence of a genetic disorder? leading to both the oct findings and color blindness? Thanks again!
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