24-Year-Old's Stomach Won't Stop Growing And The Reason Is C
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24-Year-Old's Stomach Won't Stop Growing And The Reason Is Completely Unbelievable! SCARY!

This story will shock you beyond wits...


What happens when a 24-Year-Old experiences bodily changes, especially in the abdomen realms? Most, assume she is pregnant...however, this woman here was far from pregnancy or babies of any kind!


Even though she was on a diet, everything in her body was shrinking in size...except her midrif. Within less than a year, the unnamed 24-Year-Old looked like she was pregnant with 10 babies!

Scans revealed that her enormous belly was caused by an ovarian cyst, which is now thought to be one of the largest cysts in history.


She was probably a tad too late about consulting the doctors...as the cyst had already grown to 70 pounds and was now crushing her internal organs!

Because of the size of the cyst, she had trouble eating, walking, and even breathing. Mexico’s General Hospital took her on as a patient, where Dr. Erik Hanson Viana set out to remove the entire cyst in one surgery!

Check out what happens below!


When the doctor say the woman's body, he was stunned at the mere size of her belly. Then began the sonography which revealed the 70 pound cyst. Dr. Erik Hanson Viana decided to remove the gigantic cyst all at once!

Though they could have drained it out before surgery, but due to the sheer size, complications and risks were higher!


Dr. Hanson explained that the cyst was so large it took up 95 percent of the young woman’s abdomen, making even daily activities a challenge. It measured 20 inches across and 61 inches around!


The surgery took 5 long hours for completion and left behind a massive scar on her abdomen, a small price for getting rid of the gigantic menace!

The doctor said, "Since the cyst had become so large, it had started to compress her intestines and was preventing her from eating. She would be full after eating a tiny bit of food and because of the cyst’s size, it was harder for food to pass from the stomach. The cyst was also compressing the two main vessels in the body since is a vein and an artery, which could have led to serious heart problems. "


The woman recovered speedily and walked out healthy after two weeks. She continued to come for regular checkups thereafter. Today her life is filled with positivity and confidence!

Ovarian cysts are very common in women who are pregnant or those who yet get their periods. But usually, they go away on their own, or with basic medications. In case you experience pain in the pelvic or abdomen area, pressure on the bladder, nausea or vomiting, it may be time to show your doctor. This was a rather unusual kind and is both scary and a warning!

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Brilliant work by Dr. Erik Hanson Viana?????
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I had taken this news from Network news feed. I could not find the Histopathology report of cyst. ovarian cyst expanded to 73 pounds over 11 months. it is too fast. I had sent mail for HPE. if I will get it, I will share it with you all.
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Well done
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